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  1. I adore Sam Beckett but I say “Le Cricket” should be faced out ASAP! Cricket is a colonial, obsolete game unfortunately still played in the former colonies of the Imperial Great Britain. This is how we will do it: ADIDAS AG Germany will donate 999 million Adidas footballs to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kenya. In ten years one of this countries will qualify for the Word Cup FIFA. Think about the children, boys and girls in the former colonies – do we really want them them to play this obsolete game CRICKET? In Thailand where I live the only Cricket we know is the insect. SAMUEL BECKETT YES! CRICKET NO! Yours sincerely, Johnnie de Bangkok

  2. I think you miss the videos about;
    1.William Shakespeare
    2.Alexandre Dumas
    3.Dante Alighieri
    4.Miguel de Cervantes
    Anyway you have done a great work making this series.

  3. People were too stupid to appreciate Beckett's novels and plays when they were first published and still are. I've got all his work and I'd say the best thing he ever did was Watt, funniest book ever written.

  4. Estragon: What about hanging ourselves?
    Vladimir: Hmm. It'd give us an erection.
    Estragon: (highly excited). An erection!
    Vladimir: With all that follows. Where it falls mandrakes grow. That's why they shriek when you pull them up. Did you not know that?
    Estragon: Let's hang ourselves immediately!

  5. PLEASE! Either do; Tjechov or Strindberg. OR you can do theese for more modern and and well regarded writers, perhaps winners of the noble prize during the 20th century or writers with prospects of being deemed classics in the future? I just want more from this series! ANYTHING

  6. any reason bill shankly is pictured as one of the three characters denouncing waiting for godot upon its first being performed in london?

  7. Really enjoyed 'Waiting For Godot' actually, and 'Play' was an interesting experience too – my friends at drama school show me his works, and they're good.

  8. Beckett was also bit of a shitbird. That should have been in this video. He reportedly had relations with Joyce's schizophrenic daughter, certainly a slap to the face of his literary father.

  9. Great video, haven't read anything by Beckett yet, but I'm gonna!
    His works sounds very postmodernist too (questions of identity, who are we, what are we) and seems to be extremely modern for it's time

  10. I would suggest you'd do a video on David Foster Wallace. Thank you for the ever genius content!

  11. Visit to hear my new score to Samuel Beckett's "Act Without Words no. 1"

  12. In Waiting for Godot, what did Beckett mean when he said, "Down in the hole, lingeringly, the grave digger puts on the forceps?"

  13. Please do a video on William Faulkner. And maybe some more modern writers like Cormac McCarthy or Michel Houllebecq

  14. Paris 1971 … Samuel Beckett meets Jim Morrison … in a bar

  15. I just woke up and am of course hungover but looking for the quote “Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” It looks to be attribuyed to ne, Jean Jean Racine. Am I missing something? Other than vodka?

  16. Whoa… Simply excellent and insightful overview. Thank you. As a token of esteem here’s the link to my 4-min. TEDx talk on the subject of several of my books. Enjoy and keep up your great work…

  17. Interesting documentary with good visuals, thank you for posting. However, I doubt that Bill Shankly (who appears onscreen at 6.37 in your photomontage trio of 'hostile theatregoers') attended a performance of 'Waiting For Godot'. In 1955, Shankly was youth coach at Huddersfield Town FC and, despite his brutal wit, the likelihood that 'Shanks' would treat his loyal wife Nessie to a night out at a London theatre – or any theatre – was as minimal as Beckett's stage design. YNWA!

  18. a beatiful theatre Beckett’s experiment.
    Un bellissimo esperimento teatrale su Beckett. Guardatelo!💗

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