Literature Introduction: Tomorrow’s Wonderful World

The Restored Church of God presents, author
David C. Pack. Billions today live with no hope. Yet all wish for better lives, a better tomorrow
for themselves and their families. Most people also recognize that the collective
future of all nations seems equally without hope. When the full picture is brought into view—when
all facts are considered—this world is hopeless. Modern civilization is overwhelmed with every
conceivable problem, trouble, evil, and ill that competing, grasping, self-promoting human
beings could devise! This present world is a condemned building. Built on a wrong foundation from the beginning,
it is a structure that is dangerous if left standing—and one that must come down. The plight of all nations stands in stark
contrast to the world that is coming. An artistic masterpiece soon to be unveiled,
a fantastic future—truly incredible!—lies ahead for every nation of the world! But it will not, and could never, occur under
the hand of men! It was always the Creator’s Plan that a
new and infinitely better world would come—one built from the beginning on the right foundation. Your Bible describes the establishment of
another world, one completely different from anything ever before seen on planet Earth. The coming utopian age that God planned long
ago will be absolutely marvelous—breathtaking to behold! It appears scripturally in vivid colors, with
sharp outlines, and in exquisite detail, as a stunning, beautiful, panoramic, and previously
unimagined future worldscape. A new world is on the way! And this book—Tomorrow’s Wonderful World
– An Inside View!—reveals it! To access the literature offered in this video,
or to order a free hardcopy, visit us online. And be sure to explore our extensive literature
library, which contains a wide variety of books, booklets and articles on many subjects. These materials present biblical understanding
found nowhere else—providing plain answers to life’s greatest questions. Visit today!

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