Literature Française

Hello Everyone, I wanted to make a short video
about French literature. I just took the “step 1” medical exam, it was an 8 hour long test,
7 hours of exam with a one hour break. It was exhausting, but after the exam, I have
one week of vacation and I’m in Florida with my parents. I’m happy to be here and I have
time to study languages, to read, so I’m taking advantage (of that time). Before I started
studying for the test, I finished reading Victor Hugo’s “Les miserables.” I already
read “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” in English. my biggest problem with this book, it’s that
I think that authors from this period were paid by the word, because it’s
about 1,500 pages, but really the story could
be easily told in all it’s details with 600-700 pages. In other parts there are digressions
that I don’t care about at all. For example, there is one part when they talk about the
sewers of Paris for 60 pages. That was the worst. There are other digressions that were
a bit more interesting, for example to talk about the king of France… but it’s history,
one learns about that in school, but whatever, it’s in the book so I read it. Moreover I
didn’t like two of the characters, Cosette and Marius. I don’t know, I just didn’t like
them at all and I had trouble motivating myself to read this part of the book. and that slowed
down my reading. But, that being said, in general I liked the book, and especially it’s
ending. So that made it worth the trouble to read the parts that I didn’t care for as
much. And I love literature in general… so, I wanted to ask you advice, what French
books are your favorites, and what you would suggest for me. I already have read le petit
prince, which (for those who don’t know) is a short book by St. Exupery. He loved aviation,
and it’s a book for children, but with themes for adults, so
it’s perfect for those who are learning French.
Second, I read “La Terre des Hommes” by St. Exupery. I studied in Lyon so I wanted to
read another book by St. Exupery. After that I read l’étranger, which is pretty simple,
but with complex themes (philosophical). Of all the French books that I’ve read, I believe
that L’étranger is my favorite. After that I read Candide, which is short, and for that
reason it isn’t too difficult to read, but Voltaire uses a dated French, so it’s different
due to that and that can cause some problems (for learners). Did I read anything else?
I don’t believe so. I know there are many other French others: Jules Verne, Dumas, Emile
Zola, there’s also a modern French writer Anna Gavalda (I believe), she wrote, “l’ensemble
c’est tout” which is pretty popular. I’m not familiar with the writer or the book, but
I heard good things about it. So, now I’d like to ask those who are familiar with French
writing, what are your favorite writers and books, and what books you would recommend
for me? (forgot to say that part in the video, but I’d like your advice!)

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