Literature, Drama and Creative Writing Alumnus – Luke Wright | University of East Anglia (UEA)

I’m a poet and a theatre maker and I
started off doing poetry before I came to UEA and one of the reasons I came to
UEA was that it offered a Creative Writing course. Although I didn’t
actually get on to that creative writing course I did English Literature and I met lots of other people who were writers, and people who are professional
writers now, people who were still really good friends of mine and we we kind of
spurred each other on. I embraced lots of things at UEA, including
extracurricular stuff like I work Concrete and I did a show on Livewire
and I loved it – I loved the sort of breadth of experience I had here. It
certainly wasn’t all about what happened in lecture halls and seminar rooms. Then after that I moved to London to seek my fortune which didn’t happen but
I did manage to string together enough work that I could become a poet, a
gigging poet, and I could earn my living from that. From there it’s gone on to doing tours
and working on TV and radio and programming things and also now making theatre shows as well. So yeah, I guess I do owe quite a big part of that to UEA.

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