Literature Criticism Online — Searching

The easiest way to find criticism, reviews
and overviews on an author or a work is to perform a Basic Search.
To perform a Basic Search enter a term in the search box found on the homepage and in
the banner of most other pages. As you type, the search assist feature suggests
possible terms. To perform more complex searches use Advanced
Search. Use the Advanced Search to construct complex
search queries. For example, if you wanted to find documents
or articles on a particular theme that are on a specific individual and were published
before or after a particular date use Advanced Search.
To begin select the field that you want to search from the drop-down menu…
…and enter your search term. Use the operators AND, OR, or NOT, if you
want to search multiple fields. You can add as many rows as needed by clicking
the Plus Sign to add additional rows. Notice that you can limit your search results
in a number of ways… You can limit your search to full-text documents.
You can limit your search to a specific Gale resource.
You can limit your search to articles published before, on, after, or between two dates.
You can limit your search to content published in a specific journal or publication.
Or you can limit your search by content type (like biographies or literary criticism) or
by document type (such as an abstract or overview). Depending on
the resources to which your institution subscribes
you’ll find your results displayed as a list arranged by content type.
For each item, the first few lines of text are displayed.
The number of items found for each content type is displayed under “Content Types”
on the left. You can use these links to navigate directly
to a particular content type. Click “View all” to see all items.
You can sort your list by relevance, publication date, or document title.
Click the folder icon to save an item so that you can return to it later.
Click the folder icon to save an item so that you can return to it later.
Use Term Clusters or the Term Frequency tools to further analyze your results. We’ll take
a closer look at these tools later. Use the “Search within Results” box to
further search within your current results list. Simply enter a search term and then
click enter. Or, you can limit your search by subject…
…to documents about a person… …by work… by author name… by journal
or publication title… or document type. Click the “Search History” link to view
a list of previous searches. From here you can re-execute a search or revise
a search. The number of results found for each search
term is displayed. To modify a search, click the “Revise”
link. To modify a search, click the “Revise”
link. Your search history is automatically cleared
when you end the session or logout. You can also clear the list by clicking the
“Clear History” button.

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