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Hello my name is Amber Schlosser Im a teacher at palisades high school Currently my tenth grade english courses are reading short stories, and I’m going to introduce literature circles. before we begin literature circles students must have a highlighter, the
packet of reading and post it notes. In today’s literature circle we’re going to define each roll and which each student is in charge of. The purpose is to have an effective discussion in regards to the literature that is present In todays discussion, I am the discussion director My role demands to identify important aspects of the assigned text And I will also address the group to meet these discussion questions Im also in charge of identifying the point of view and addressing points in the plot that form the plot diagram. My job is the captivating connector If you were to be the captivating connector, your job would be to connect and interact with the text on a personal and/or literary level. Alright so, my role was
the literary lumineer if you were the literary luminaire your
job would be to read the assigned section and watch out
for words worth knowing these words might be interesting new
important or used in unusual ways it is important to indicate the specific
location of the words so the group can discuss these words in context Also, track the literary devices used in
the text to enhance meaning and create unique explanations and comparison to promote active reading. Im the charasmatic characterizer, if you were the characterizer your role is to analyze characters that are important to note in the passages that your group read. My job is the setting sketcher if you were the setting sketcher your role would be to examine and research the setting to the story in order to connect to the people in your group and the
characters in the story. Now that we’ve identified each role, we’re going to show you an example of
what an effective lecture discussion looks like okay so since we just read Chapter one from Charlotte’s Web before breakfast. One thing that I would like to discuss are the ideas or moments in the section what you guys believe was the most important moment in chapter one? I think mostly just like the this entire
chapter is pretty important because like it sets the
scene for the entire book because this is where Fern tells her dad that she doesn’t want him to kill Wilbur and this is where she gets Wilbur So… I don’t know So I think the one that really really hit me
was when Fern’s dad … let fern keep Wilbur and i think is also work and i think it’s also important that It really establishes what kind of pig Wilbur is. The author refers to him as a runt three times in the chapter.
And a runt of course being a week and unstable pig that really wouldn’t be able to defend for herself. You can tell how Wilbur’s going to have a
tough time, at least in the initial chapters growing
up And you learn a lot about Fern she’s a lot more sensitive than maybe other people in the story. They live on a farm so
they don’t really think that way but Fern sees everybody as something with feelings So, um Wilbur’s obviously going to be really important to her. That’s a good point to bring up how the setting effects the characters and the way in which they react to different situations like Mrs.Arable and Mr.Arable well they don’t really
think the pig or the animals as anything besides food or like profit because this is like how
they get their money so I guess Fern just really I don’t know she doesn’t really think of it like that, like Sam said. And how you were saying about how that determines a lot of things and we can connect with
that are ourselves personally being as we live in a rural landscape without a lot of fun so it is easy to connect with Fern and the Arable’s here because they in a rural place it seems. yeah I even think on the back when it says “Fern, what is the capital of Pennsylvania?” I don’t know if that is just a random capital that the teacher asks, but like is that where she lives maybe? I thought that we could connect to that obviously because we live in Pennsylvania So, I don’t know if that was just like a coincidence but it could be because Pennsylvania is really rural and you can definitely see this type of situation in pennsylvania. Alright well, I think what we can do then is close up our discussion just go through our specific roles We’ll go through the rubric just to make sure we were on task with everything that We need to do for this literature circle Is the homework to read chapter 2 then? Yeah we’ll read chapter 2, keep our assigned parts and then we can switch them up sometime But I think it would be good to have the same part for tomorrow. Sweet. Alright Good Job Guys.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this video. I am curious how often you meet with your students? Also, what are the students doing athat aren't meeting with you in a lit. circle?

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