Literary Writing “Venom”

A movie based in New York….again Montage about an evil goverment What is that? The brown guy is the bad guy. For a change Dude, go home Spiderman…. Attack! Run, Forrest, Run Dug Addict montage Run. Why is he not running away? Demon And Logos. Lots and lots of logos Cities. Wow. Bad Guy Universal Pictures Bad Guy is bad Space snake He shouldn’t be smiling You ok Tom Hardy? Hello “From the window, to the wall” Black Spider-man He is just standing there, the black thing is doing everything Fast & Furious 9 Cities part II He should go to the doctor Demon, I called it. That’s really messed up He’s basically possessed. Black He’s scary and tall Looks like a black hulk Miley cyrus cameo October Mischievous government hates what they can’t understand cliché Love interest Black spiderman Inspirational monologue by main protagonist He´s frightening Split morality montage Montage about all his powes Black Cops threat the far superior superhero Throwing a man through the air Run Choking the doctor He has a ridiculous amount of superpowers And he’s fireproof Bad guy appears again And he has blades in his hands But humans can beat the unbeatable alien goo Colgate Smiles Stealing from an OXXO Venom gives him a pep talk Before threatening him. The alien is controlling Tom Hardy And he eats him. Becuase, why not? Run chinese girl, he just ate someone But now he’s human, so it’s okay Casually walks out after murdering someone

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