Literary Transcendentalists vs. Transcendental Meditation

Writers throughout the ages have talked about
an experience which we can call the transcendental experience – a deep inner experience. And
you could look at what they wrote as theoretical, and that’s the way I Iooked at it, as theoretical,
until I began to have the same experiences myself, or similar experiences. You could
read the writings of Thoreau, you could read the writings of Whitman to talk about some
American writers, and they talk about inner experiences, transcendental experiences, and
how those experiences related to their own life and outward experiences. And you could
look at it simply as another belief system, but when you begin to experience it yourself,
it isn’t really a belief system. It’s not a belief system in the sense that it’s something
you inherited from someone else, or something that you attached onto to give your life some
meaning, it’s a belief system in the sense that it grows out of some deep inner experience
that you get, that I got, through Transcendental Meditation. Once I began to experience those
feelings of inner bliss and coherence, I could read someone like, for example, Whitman, or
philosophers like Plato, or prose writers like Emerson, and you could relate those experiences
to the experiences that you were having. It deepens your experience of literature and
makes you understand what the writers and sages were talking about, and it not only
makes you understand them, but it makes you appreciate the coherence with which they expressed
those feelings.

3 Replies to “Literary Transcendentalists vs. Transcendental Meditation

  1. This is a favorite description of the benefits of practicing TM. One of the super benefits I experienced from practicing TM was an automatic greater ability to appreciate the great writers. Before TM, I got practically nothing out of reading great books. And several months after learning TM, I could relate my own experiences of life to the wisdom of life described by great and respected writers. And this ability has been growing ever since as I continue to practice TM.

  2. I totally agree with him. Once you start on meditation a new world of understanding opens and you can really read and understand anything.

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