Literary Theory and Literary Criticism intro

welcome friends to the nptel course in literary
theory and literary criticism i am aysha professor of literature and film studies at the department
of humanities and social sciences here at iit madras about the aim of the course so
the course is an overview of major theoretical trends in literature and it also aims to show
how literary theory and practice are interconnected who is the course meant for so the course
is targeted at undergraduate and also postgraduate students of english studies there is no prerequisite
but a knowledge of literary concepts and basic literary terms would help
regarding the course content you will gain an extensive knowledge of classical and neoclassical
theory romanticism marxism new criticism new historicism structuralism etcetera a detailed
course ah overview is given on the nptel website regarding the course evaluation there will
be multiple choice questions as well as short assignments that you will be required to complete
and submit online we are ah consulting various sources and resources including um online
resources for developing this course and ah a list will be given ah and provided at the
website however ah just a quick look at what we what should be their basic reading list
here so that key text that will that will be referred to are the rootlets companion
to critical theory and the johns hopkins guide to literary theory and criticism
so let me tell you about the outcome of the course by the end of the course you will be
familiar with the major approaches to literature which are signaled by the terms criticism
and theory you will be able to place each critical movement in its historical and socio
political context and most importantly you will be able to make sense of theory which
in turn will inform the way you read a text so i welcome you a board and look forward
to meeting you for this course thank you

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  1. The last part of this Professor's name is now missing. What happened ? I used to listen to and likes her lectures earlier. I hope to get more in future.

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