Literary me playing fortnite

there was just only Oh yeah number so useful your philosophy ultra maintenance Oh Fitzgerald no Joe
yo Ziya name how much followers do up oh shit – please please no brain you got out stream on Twitch show me out the stream literally me paying for that you are yes if you own your village yet so you
all new villas no point all they brung back the man yeah right um I’m ready to sail I’ll grab a snack
fun there’s like no Oliver so you need to upload more like everything do gaming
videos people like in the video Johanna me cuz you don’t have one Oh max what you think on another match is coming actually oh there’s people fight then I’m going
somewhere until I got a weapon or pissed off ninety shotgun denied all the mass
sleep there in the man I watch them shred that’s my I’m gonna go into the
Mac and self-destructive stay after the Mac and on the Mac it’s awesome nada don’t grab the man can you any machine no no levy is you find your dual comfort
they do we come on oh oh this is Michael let me go let me I will supply it open mic night night night night night my my we were going in I walk dominant down there just you owe me one man

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