Literary Love Triangles | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex Trebek] And then
Literary Love Triangles. – Literary Love Triangles, 400. – [Alex Trebek] Rhett Butler,
Ashley Wilkes, and her. Emily. – Who is Scarlett O’Hara? – [Alex Trebek] Correct. – Love Triangles, 800. – [Alex Trebek] Edward
Cullen, Jacob Black, her. Emily. – Who’s Bella Swan? – [Alex Trebek] Yes. – Love Triangles, 1200. – [Alex Trebek] Westley,
Prince Humperdinck, this Princess Bride. Emily. – Who is Buttercup? – [Alex Trebek] Buttercup. – Love Triangles, 1600. – [Alex Trebek] Catherine
Earnshaw, Edgar Linton, him. Emily. – Who is Heathcliff? – [Alex Trebek] Heathcliff is the one.

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