Literary Explorers—From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess

[music] “Olivia!” A voice called out. “Olivia Grace Harrison!” It was the most amazing sight Olivia had ever
seen in her life. It was Her Royal Highness, Princess Mia Thermopolis
of Genovia. Until that moment, Olivia was a typical 6th
grader who lived her aunt and step-uncle, after her mom passed away. But when the royal sister she never knew suddenly
emerges onto the scene to pick her up from school, Olivia’s life changes dramatically! In an instant, she is transformed from an
ordinary schoolgirl to a real-life princess. Olivia is whisked away in a Royal Genovian
limousine and finally meets her dad and family, a dream that, until now, was unfulfilled. When her step-uncle finds out that she was
with her true family, he becomes furious and takes her back to the place where she grew
up. Olivia ponders her future. Will she remain with the only family she knew
and live with the ordinary life she was used to, or will she be drawn to her royal roots
in Genovia to be with her dad’s family? Will Olivia be able to live in Genovia, happily
ever after? There’s only one way to find out. Pick up and read Meg Cabot’s imaginative novel,
From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess.

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