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Dear Viewers. Now let’s go for discussion with our new guest. Our invited guest today Ohidur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Northern University Bangladesh. Today we’ll be discussing with our guest different aspects of literature. Good Morning Good Morning We have already known that you’ve been working at Northern University ind different fields of English Literature.

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  1. Mr. Ohidur Rahman has been teaching as Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh for 11 years and as Adjunct Faculty at Bangladesh Islamic University. Apart from universities he taught at different institutions for another 11 years and has been a Teacher Trainer at SEQAEP, NAPD, BALI (occasional) for years.

    He conducts classes using PowerPoint slides with electronic aids such as multimedia and internet access. He has been facilitating the undergraduates and the postgraduates for over 55 courses in the fields of English Literature, Language Skills, Linguistics, English Language Teaching (ELT), Educational Psychology and Phonetics.

    He had been a successful WHO Interpreter & Interpreter Coordinator for over 3 years. He also worked as Field Supervisor & Research Associate in the Survey of National Enterprises conducted by MIDAS in association with International Consulting Group (ICG) funded by DFID.

    He achieved a tremendous success by presenting various formal and informal programmes at his graduating institution and as Faculty at Northern University. He also participated in the month-long workshop in National Institute of Mass Communication (NIMC) on Television Programme Presentation and in another month-long workshop there on Television News Presentation.

    Mr. Rahman has been an exceptional personality in different ways. He has been a researcher in the areas of Bangladesh Share Market, Zodiacs, Palmistry, and above all, Received Pronunciation (RP). Basically, he had been frustrated with his practice on BBC pronunciation through listening to BBC World Service for over 30,000 hours. A year ago he discovered one mystery. He improved RP to a native-level and it took him 25 years. On the other hand, he has raised quite a few learners to a very much satisfactory level within 2 months’ lessons through drilling in particular.

    This success has come from some innovative and life-long research on RP. He has developed a lot of RP practice materials. He has put together a number of words similar in pronunciation such as words where ‘l’, ‘t’, ‘d’, ‘p’, ‘h’, ‘r’ are silent. He has put together words with homophones, short & long sounds.

    The pronunciation effect on the participants mainly through pronunciation drills is fascinating and mysterious. And Mr. Rahman applies the most important and effective techniques which create an unbelievable environment where the learners improve the skills rapidly and accurately but forget that they are in the classroom.

    Cell: 880-1711-313926
    Skype: ohidurchad
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: Ohidur Chad
    LinkedIn: Ohidur Chad

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