Literary Commons! at Western Sydney University

– As part of the Writing and Society
Research Centre, I have been doing projects
facilitating literary exchange between Australia
and the Indian subcontinent. So I’ve done projects in Bangladesh
and I’ve done projects in India and most of this involves looking at
the huge diversity of literatures in Indian and Australia.
The reason why Literary Commons is going to be a really important
and unprecedented event is that the kind of cultural wealth
and the kind of literary exchange and cultural diplomacy, so to speak,
between India and Australia is not limited
only to the English language. And there has been a huge interest
in this and the commonalities between
indigenous writing from Australia and indigenous writing from India. And that has led me
to this current project of mine, it’s called Literary Commons,
and it plays upon the idea of literature around the world
being the creative commons of the world and they’re the real cultural capitals
of our nations. In this age when Australia is looking to
engage more and more with Asian nations, I think apart from material resources, apart from the exchanges
in trade and business, what is really wonderful
is the examples that countries in Asia can offer to Australia
as examples of multiculturalism and what Australia can bring, as one of
the oldest cultures of human beings, what Australia can bring
to other nations, as well. So the Literary Commons will be launched
on Tuesday 23rd September from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Gadigal Information Centre
in Redfern. Our community partners, the First
Nations Australia Writers’ Network, are co-hosting this program, and there’ll be some wonderful
indigenous luminaries around there, so please come and join us.

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