Literary Activism with Children’s Books

Well gosh, I mean in terms of scholars
people like Michele Martin, Ron Bernstein, Rudine Sims Bishop, Kate Capshaw. I
mean this book builds upon the work of a lot of other smart people. It could not
exist without a lot of other smart people, so I admire them enormously and
if this book succeeds in any way, it’s due to them. So in terms of scholars
those would be people who I point to but there’s an enormous amount of of
work on the subject and I hope this is able or I hope this book is able to to
amplify that a bit but it’s definitely building on other other smart people. In terms of artists and writers, gosh
that’s a long list. I mean Jacqueline Woodson, the late
Walter Dean Myers. I love Daniel Jose Older’s Shadow Shaper and I’m really looking forward to reading the next in that series. There’s a lot of people doing excellent work out there and I feel that the increased awareness in the past few
years thanks to We Need Diverse Books creates a lot of possibility and even
cause for some cautious optimism. Yeah the the book is a combination of
scholarship and activism – that’s always been a thread in my work. I’m interested
in where politics and aesthetics meet so this is an outgrowth of that. I think
maybe one thing that’s different about it is the explicit nature of the
activism of the book which changed the way I wrote it. There are elements of the
personal in the book which I do not usually do in which I reflect upon my
own raised self and how that may prevent me from understanding the very subject
that I’m trying to write about – it seemed an appropriate place to include that and
it’s a bit of an experiment to be honest because, well there’s a risk in bringing
yourself into your work but I think it’s a risk worth taking
and I hope it’s a risk that helps people reflect upon their own raised selves. I
hope that I’m modeling what other people can do and think about the way that
their own lives have been shaped by the racism of the world in which they live.
At least that’s a start if they can do that.

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