Ms Nutshell here, deliver this message, please. Listen up, Sis! Love is sweet. Love is a treat. Love don’t beat. Love don’t cheat. If you see him with a gun, please run. If you see him ready to fight, please take flight. If you see him wield a knife, please save your life. If you see him inflict pain, please avoid his lane. If you see him make others cry, please don’t even try. If you see him do any wrong, please don’t stay long. If you hear him verbally abusive, please become elusive. If you see him in a rage, please start a new page. If you see him cast the blame, please don’t be his dame. If you see him cheat in a game, please don’t take his name. If you hear him tell a lie, please leave, before you die. If you see him control and intimidate, please end it quick, don’t hesitate. Listen up, Sis! Don’t ignore the warning signs, Sis. I’m a survivor, I’ve been through this. It will never get better, it gets worse Sis. Your life could end, just like this! Love is sweet. Love is a treat. Love don’t beat. Love don’t cheat. Please let me know, in the comments below if this message resonated with you. Please prescribe and subscribe to my youtube channel, Instagram, and Facebook Ms nutshell. Thanks for watching. Thanks for sharing Live positive, Yeah mon!

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