Light Novel Authors “Can’t Write” and Aren’t “Real Authors”?? THAT’S BULLS#!T.

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    jk =p

  2. As a person who has dabbled into writing myself, some days you really don't have time to write. If you are a College Student who has a job, you aren't writing on top of that because it will drive you nuts. You will drain yourself pretty quickly. I had a Teacher in Highschool who wrote every day, but they only had an hour a day to write. It took them years before they 100% finished their novel, and that was after re-writes. Like, these editors are asking too much from these people.

  3. Light Novels, and Light novel anime are somewhat of a new thing for me but I enjoy them and I don't think that editors do that much but then again I remember editors to be aggressive to the point they will ruin a series just if an author doesn't agree with them. Granted there are times where editors helped an anime it still doesn't justify a lot of animosity they display for profit.

  4. I thinl light novels can definately be good and there are ln authors that are good writers (some examples: monogatari, boogiepop, baccano, goblin slayer).However,the problem is that the light novels that are most advertised and sadly the ones that become popular are dumb, cliche-filled power fantasies for beta males that have shitty stories and poorly written characters, so most people start seeing the whole medium like that.

  5. Do you know any Japan LN contest that I can enter? But in english please… I want to make a manga but I can't draw…

  6. light novel authors are real authors. I don't agree with that article. because I enjoyed most light novels I read.
    I thought one volume of light novel took several months to complete, is it actually just one month?

    wait, one of the light novels, has two authors, one being the real writer, one being the one providing the idea. both of them counts as authors right? that novel was clockwork planet btw.

  7. I am speaking as a writer (well pretty far in anyways) and I can say, that this editor is being a dick. There is no absolute way of writing and like you said, a butt load of these guys have REAL JOBS and are just doing it as a passion. And rewriting an entire book is just absurd. There is a whole load of stuff surrounding this but, I'll just end it here.

  8. Maybe it's the english translations of these light novels that make me think they're terrible due to the rather amateurish writing style and typos that I hate when reading. Maybe reading an original japanese one would change my mind

  9. But isn't this what we call a "clickbait" article? That is completely retarded just get your attention because "negative publicity is better than no publicity"? Wouldn't the best way to treat such articles to just plain ignore them? Like I am convinced that said "Anonymous editor" mentioned in the article does not even exist in real life and everything he said was just made up to by someone to fill the article with controversial content so readers could rage and rant on it. People are not stupid and editors are not stupid, they don't say/write stupid things like this.

  10. Clearly the web novels were bettr, the fkin wheb novul has more faceslap and repetitive scenes of faceslao and face slap

  11. Yo, just keep up the hard work and you will soon become an excellent author; it is a given that one may perfect any art form, even if it is quite difficult, should they give enough effort. I support you on this journey you are on.

  12. we need to show the person who wrote this article a version of Bakuman but its about manga not light novels but it has a similar system to the editing. (and one last thing, the guy who wrote this article didnt do his research… there are manga wroten and drawn on the web and its called webtoons)

  13. They call them talentless and yet they are desperate to milk their creation. Why doesn't the editor write his own novel since it sounds like he can write better. I don't think they even understand why people actually get into reading light novel since whenever an anime of a light novel comes out, many of the parts readers liked are nowhere to be seen.

  14. The whole "hype up readers for a month and then everyone forgets about it" really reminds me of YA literature here on the West. Though I don't think the issue over here is the editors. And instead of fetishes authors and editors hop on "woke" bandwagons, like, what's hip right now to "care" about. It produces pretentious, lazy shit that nobody can criticize unless they're happy about being labelled as a bigot (cough cought The Hate U Give cough).

  15. As a fellow Monogatarifag, I would love to know what makes you like Nishio Ishin works in general. I myself pretty much love Zaregoto, Monogatari, Katanagatari, Okitegami Kyoko and Densetsu series. Haven't read any Risuka, Bishonen Tanteidan and Sekai series though.

  16. I think the problem here is the way those publishing companies filters the stories that's being passed by the author-editor combi.

  17. I now understand why anime is dying, when someone gets paid to rewrite fanfics into novels humanly is doom. Wonder, why Japan has such low birth rates there DNA must want to kill itself by stopping its owner from breeding.

  18. 1) If people create a unique IP, then they are the author of that IP.
    2) If the author's writing is "so shit" that the editor needs to rewrite the whole damn thing, scrap the idea and/or find a new author. The author clearly isn't performing/the work is clearly shit.
    3) If you're writing for fun, then you should clearly let your publisher know. If your writing is shit and needs to be fixed, and you can't invest time to fix it, then the editor is within his/her rights to reduce his/her efforts on the author's LN. If they can't do that, and cannot find out how much effort you spend, and your work is shit and you don't fix it for whatever reason, it's no wonder the editors are getting salty.
    4) Look at your work of literature. Can you reasonably expect a normal person to understand it? If so, good. Send it to the editor/publisher. If not, check what doesn't make sense and rewrite.
    4a) This is what you do with your essays in college/HS: You have other people proofread your essay and make sure it makes sense before you turn it in to your prof/teacher.
    5) Just because a person "can't write" doesn't mean that they "aren't authors." They're just authors that "can't write" or are shit authors.

  19. Personally, I feel that instead of more new, often mediocre LN adaptations, we should get more seasons of the ones general audience enjoyed and would like to continue exploring.

  20. Hello Anime Man,

    Thank you for your opinions about this. I heard some authors from online writing community about posting 2k words every week. For me, I have other stuff that requires my attention in real life. Writing a light novel provides new-found respect to the authors, and it takes time to reach to a point where I feel comfortable to post it online. Sure, some people may not like my work, but in the end, I enjoyed writing it and learned that you can't please everyone.

  21. I'll put it this way: How many regular novels do you see trying to straddle the line between Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, while maintaining over the long term, an arc of Internal Conflict over the External?

    I hear crickets chirping. Yes, Light Novel writers are real authors.

  22. Oh hell I'm terrible writing well not terrible writing just spelling I dreamt to make one like novel cuz I do want side projects cuz I dreamt become a game designer and TCG desire as well also a lawyer these career not impossible to get all it's all about dedication and how much you barely want so right now I make a light novel but it's in draft also I wonder how you hire someone to draw your characters if you don't know how to draw animes well I useto yet not anymore.

  23. I'm a fairly new fan to Japanese anime and manga. So I don't really have a bias. But light novels are awful. Just plain fucking awful.
    I fell in love with Shield Hero and Reincarnated as a Slime and caught up in the manga. I got impatient so I decided to give the light novels a try, and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I have seen short stories by 4 year olds written better. I'm not talking about characters or world building or anything like that. I'm talking the actual writing. It's atrocious, and as a fan of novels and literature in general, it was an absolute insult to read.

    TLDR: Love the stories, but the writing and structure is garbage.

  24. Me: I wanna write a novel!

    watches this video
    "Authors takes decades to perfect his work"

    oh fuck ill just work on subway now

  25. Damn thats maybe why they only use computers to type in their stories…..because THEY CANT WRITTTTEEEE!

  26. I know this is old Joey but can you post a link to that website for light novel writers? The one where people write for fun?

  27. Singing in the shower is a lot of fun….. How do you change your name on here? I tried to write a nickname but I still see my real name, is it working?

  28. das bullshit ive spent 2 years writing and bro, its still writing and you're still creating a world out of nothing

  29. Personally I think he overdid it with his reaction. I try to make a light novel with a friend of mine for around two and a half years and both of us understand the struggles a light novelist has to face. You cannot expect from someone to make something which is in good quality in just a month. It's ridiculous.

  30. As weird as this sounds, as someone who writes trash fanfiction and is extremely self-conscious of my writing, this helped a lot. Knowing that fantastic writing doesn't just happen overnight and that it IS hard should be obvious but it is so easy to forget that. Thank you sempai, very cool.

  31. Actual publishing companies don't hold new writers to this standard. It's ridiculous to demand an amateur to act and write like a professional. It's the editors job to read the manuscripts and find the ones with potential and then help them to improve. Don't expect professional work from someone who has not received $1 for their work yet.

  32. Omg it makes so much sense. Those shows (with the exception of Konosuba-ish and certain aspects of Log Horizon) always stood out to me as weirdly amateurishly writter for full-blown anime productions

  33. This might be completely irrelevant to the topic at hand but I was wondering if someone could possibly direct me towards a website similar to Shosetsuka ni Narou but for an English audience if such a website exists

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