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Today, we’re going to find out if… If…
What happened to our chairs? Hi, guys. I heard you were doing Season 2, so I decided to show up. Mug? So, should we get started? I say yes, let’s go. Welcome to the second season officially inaugurated of X10, and welcome to our new co-host, Veera. Hello. Hello. Before we go on with whatever it is that you have in mind for us today, would you like to say something about yourself for our audience? First off, very nice to meet you all, and second of all, I’m here because Nicola and Giuliano are very boring and don’t understand people who don’t understand science. So, we thought it would be good to have someone with common sense and pizazz. So we decided to get me on board because I’m also the only friend they have. That’s right, it’s all your fault, Giuliano. It’s funny because it’s true. What are we going to do today? I decided to give you guys a quiz. On pop culture. How does it tie in with aging? People have always wanted immortality or long lives. So they wrote a lot about them. Fair enough. Good point. I like it. TV shows, movies, books, anything. There’s a lot. So, what I want you to do is be as nerdy as you possibly can. I’ll try my best. And I’ll ask you some questions. I will ask about a character from a pop culture fiction, and I will explain how they became immortal, lengthened their life, or just avoided death. I will do it quite vaguely, so if you don’t get it, don’t be sad, I understand. What I want you to do is to write from what fictional story this character is from. I lost.
Yup, me too. It’s going to be a disaster. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be a fine disaster. Then, also the character’s name, also if there is a name for the way they became immortal, name that. Process, right, exactly. Whoever gets the right answer will get a point, and the loser will have to eat something terrible. Which our lovely cameraman is handing me right now. Camerawoman, I’m so sorry. Bertie Bott’s Beans, which all Harry Potter nerds know are terrible. I will have a timer on one minute. If you don’t figure out the answer immediately, as you probably won’t.
In the rare cases. Then just ask for a hint, I have some here, and if you still don’t get it, then boo hoo, you’re losers and you both get to eat a bean. So, at the end of the one minute we have, we’re supposed to write, but before then, we can ask for hints. Yes. So it’s kind of cooperative up to the end of the one minute and then we’re on our own. What character lengthened their life or escaped death by rewriting every cell in their body, usually accompanied by an impressive light show? A guy rewrote his cells, every single cell in his body, with a light show. There was a light show.
What?! Do you want a hint?
Yes please. By now, this process has happened 12 times. Show your answers to the viewers so they know if you’re wrong or right. Yup. Doctor Who, regeneration. Regeneration, you get the point, you just got the show. I knew that he got it before, so there was no point. Okay, fair enough. The Doctor’s regeneration is mostly explained away by him being an alien, but it is often described as him changing or rewriting every single cell in his body. This isn’t rejuvenation. Some of his incarnations are visibly older than the previous ones. And, if his aging is anything like ours, sometimes this would mean that regeneration causes more damage than it fixes, which is odd for a regenerative process. It would also probably require a ton of energy, and it’s entirely implausible that creatures as complex as humanoids could ever evolve an ability like this, especially because you don’t need to regenerate your entire body just because your heart is failing. For example. Well, anyway, time for the punishment, everyone’s favorite thing. There you go! This will be the first time I eat one of those. Okay, what’d you get? Do it. I’m lucky. Something pleasant. I don’t know what color it was, it’s just fruit, some kind of fruit, lemon maybe? I was lucky. There is lemon here.
Yeah, I know. You got off lightly. This time. What character kept their youth by transferring their aging to a material object in their likeness and hid it in their attic? She hasn’t even started the timer yet. Started. Sorry. Cheater! It’s okay, you start now.
I have it too. I got it. Okay, show them to the viewers. I don’t think it’s readable. I don’t either. I wrote Dorian Grey, the picture of Dorian’s portrait. The portrait.
Painting. I know, the title is the picture of Dorian Grey, and the object is…. Dorian Grey is the character, of course, I didn’t write the story, I forgot about that. You got the two correct. And I got two and a half, come on, the title is just not… Isn’t Dorian Grey spelled with an E, not an A? You know what, you guys both get a point, and you also have to take a bean. Because I’m a terrible human being. Let’s go. Well, you can’t make a picture age on your behalf. Duh. Together, together. 3, 2…
In misery and happiness. 3, 2, 1. Soap. Kinda dig it. Is it nice? Yeah. Mine is not, but it’s soap. Could be worse. What was it? Based on the color, there was a few options, but if it was nice, I’d say marshmallow? What character lengthened their life by drinking a potion they made from a stone they invented? Made from a stone?
Yep. Because that’s what people do.
That’s not really an invention. I would like a hint. I don’t. I mean, just saying. Can you just shut your ears? Anyway, a hint. He was last reported to be 665 years old. I’d like to speak with him. Another hint? Originally, he was a French scribe and he was turned into a myth. I have a vague recollection. I can write something already. Ready?
Yeah. 3, 2, 1, show them. I think that’s the story. Giuliano got this one. You got one, he got all three. I don’t know.
Giuliano, my man. The elixir of life that Nicolas Flamel drank lengthened his life, but it didn’t exactly prevent him from aging. He appears in The Crimes of Grindelwald as a regular old man, moving around like an 80-year-old when he is, in fact, hundreds of years old, so it can be argued that the potion only slowed down his aging. Though, to be fair, he does have the sort of “ancient” feel to himself. It’s unclear how long his biological age might have been about 80 or what age he was when he first started drinking the potion. But, regardless, it’s unlikely that he could have lived for centuries in that state. Even if you could freeze aging entirely, when you’re already that old, your odds of making it to the next year are the same as those of any other 80-year-old. They’re not particularly good. To get better chances, Flamel would need rejuvenation. That is, repairing the damage that aging has done to his body, which would lower his chances of death potentially down to those of a young man. Also, given that as far as we know, aging is driven by nine different processes and not just one, it seems implausible that one single potion could affect all of them. But, then again, magic, which is why the whole thing is implausible anyway. Candy, candy.
Fine, fine. Show us what it is before eating it. I want to know exactly. You guys are sadists. Can I go?
Yeah, go. I think he’s being lucky. It should be either earthworm or cinnamon. It’s probably more like dirt. Nice. Oh man, I love being the judge. It’s not bad, actually, I kind of like it. What character cheated death by splitting their soul into seven parts? Can I start writing? Hold on, I need to do the…
I mean… Can I have all the hints you have? Hint number one, the process requires an object to put the soul part in. Fair enough. And the second: he is the villain of the story. Was that all the hints you have? Also, the story was already mentioned once before during this quiz. I still have some time to write.
Go ahead. See what happens? I’m ready. 3, 2, 1, show the viewers. Is this? You’re correct.
Really?! And you got even.. oh, I’m sorry. Fricking Harry Potter nerds. Whether you believe in souls or not, there is no scientific evidence for their existence, let alone any evidence that they might have anything to do with aging. Voldemort, or He Who Must Not Be Named, may have cheated death by splitting his soul into seven parts, whatever that may mean, but science plans to do it simply by keeping you fully healthy for as long as it can. Anyways, candy!
Right, and show us what it is. Sure. Show us, show us! Are you done?
Go on, eat it. Lemon. [sounds of utter disappointment] Which character avoided aging by getting themselves stuck in ice for 70 years? Hint? You okay with a hint too? Please? He got stuck in the ice in 1945. Maybe. And? Another hint. The ice did not kill him because he had super-soldier serum in his veins. That makes sense, okay, maybe I know. So many of our viewers don’t need a single hint. Proper nerds. I’m so mad.
All right. Ready. 3, 2, 1, and go. I apologize for my handwriting. In case you’re wondering, it reads The Avengers, Captain America, and cryonics. Even though cryonics and freezing aren’t quite the same thing. I accept both answers. Now we both get to eat candy. Oh boy!
That doesn’t make any sense! From her point of view, I think it does a great deal.
I’m the judge. I get to decide whether you guys live or die.
Guess who’s going to get an unlucky bean this time. While the super serum that kept Captain America from sharing his fate with Jack from Titanic isn’t really a thing, cryopreservation is a thing. Cryopreservation involves safely cooling biological tissues at a very low temperature, preventing any chemical activity that might damage the tissues over time from happening. The technology has applications for embryo and organ preservation, but it is also used in cryonics, the practice of preserving dead bodies in the hope that science might, one day, be able to revive them and cure them. And no, Walt Disney wasn’t cryonically preserved. That’s just a rumor, but many people have been. For the time being, no one has been brought back from cryonics, and, unfortunately, we’re nowhere near the kind of technology that might allow us to revive a cryonically preserved body or brain, which it’s why it’s best described as a last-ditch attempt at not being irreversibly killed by the diseases of aging. 1, 2, 3. It’s good. Fruity. I don’t know what it is, but, frankly, I don’t really mind. What was it? I got fruit, something like fruit. You’re *bleep*ing weird. What did he get? Vomit!
What?! You don’t mind it? How do you not mind it? I mind vomiting, but I’m telling you, there is no genuine vomit in this. I will complain. I want to see the manager. Which character kept their youth by escaping London as a child and traveled to a world where time stands still? Do you need a hint?
How’d you guess? This character is able to fly. That doesn’t really help me. That world has other children in it that the boy has rescued. There’s also pirates and mermaids.
Of course. I just was thinking. Write it down, you have 28 seconds. Are you complaining about my judging? No, no, no. Ready? 3, 2, 1, show it. The Adventures of P. Pan?
Well, I didn’t think, come on. You can also use this part.of the sheet. What? Oh yeah. But this one, I mean it doesn’t specify more… It’s amazing.
It’s magic? I guess? I was tripped up by the fact that you said he escaped London, I didn’t know that, I was just never told. Does either one of you, frankly… I feel like Giuliano gets the win today, also I’m a judge, so you can’t really do anything, I’m basically a god Candy, candy! I mean, there’s no point, he likes them. If time stands still, aging wouldn’t be the only thing not happening. Nothing would, life included. That’s why life extension has nothing to do with stopping the passing of time, which, by the way, is very hard to do unless you plan on jumping into a black hole. You don’t like this one?
Strawberry? Candy floss. There’s no strawberry. I don’t know about the floss, but candy for sure. This one, you get to stack up points, you don’t have to write a character, a story, in the process. You just need to stack up as many examples of what I’m about to ask you as you can. And each example gives you a point. Okay, go. Immortality can be found in most horror stories, usually in the form of undead creatures. Give as many examples of these as possible. Go, go, go. You’re writing too much, all these things… 3 seconds, 2, 1, go.
I’m done. I got three, and I’m not even sure they all count. I haven’t got three yet, and I’m not sure it’s a thing. Let’s see what happens. Show the cameras, 3, 2, 1. Dracula, zombies, gargoyles? What’s that? Resident Evil, I am Legend…
She said every type… Do I get the point? Yeah. You didn’t say books, and, by the way, I am Legend is a book. Is Resident Evil an undead creature? No, you said, I thought the movies or the books where they were in, not the characters. Undead creatures. You suck. You lose. The whole concept of the undead just makes no sense, though I can admit to feeling very much like a zombie whenever I have to wake up before 9 AM. Like today. What about me?
You don’t get a candy. Why do you want a candy?! They’re terrible! What is it? I mean, don’t tell me. It’s rotten eggs, I know it’s going to be rotten eggs. It’s good. We’ve been really lucky.
It’s green apple. I’ve been telling you, they’re actually pretty good. This is a very famous quote. Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. Where is that from? Can I have a hint? I think I’ve got it. It’s from a TV show. What?! No, I didn’t get it. A TV show? Want another hint? Yes, thank you. It’s from a TV show I previously mentioned. We need a drumroll here. Show the answers. Doctor Who. Doctor Who. You know what, you’re tied. Yeah, this is the first time ever. Yeah, also the first time you could be tied. Yeah, this is the first time we had a competition. So, what should I do, what should I do? I’m just going to give you both the punishment. He likes them! He’s going to get the rotten eggs. Or I’m going to get the rotten eggs. Because he has a bigger chance now, because both of you are getting three of them. This quote is a good opportunity to remind us of another thing life extension is about: Freedom. Right now, growing old is indeed mandatory, but if successful rejuvenation therapies can be created, both growing up and growing old can be optional. And what is freedom if not having options to choose from? 3, 2, 1, let’s go. I got sausage. This feels like banana. Yes, that’s sausage, that’s banana. Let’s go. Ugh! Somebody got the rotten egg. No. That’s dirt.
This is dirt. I don’t know what this is.
Aagh. Ugh! It’s all right.
I would say blueberry. Oh, really? I like blueberry.
[agonized groaning] You bit on that last one, yep? I can swallow it. Wait, I’m still on the second one. Hurry up. This is kind of crappy, though. I got this one. There is a ton of sugar in these things, so I can’t really… Blueberry.
Blueberry. And this one is? It was either the sausage one or I would probably say… Sausage wouldn’t have, he wouldn’t have… Actually, we’re not going to close the video, because… This episode is special as it is because we have a new host, which we have introduced, but it also so happens that two days from now, it is going to be her birthday. So we thought that maybe this is a good occasion to celebrate both things at the same time. Happy birthday!
Oh my God! We got this special candle there, we’re not implying that you’re reversed aging. Oh my God, I love you guys! You’re welcome. Just handle it. I’m going to give the cameraman a hug very soon. You guys are so sweet. By the way, I got this for you. What?! Stop!
Okay, I’ll put it back. Not entirely a shot in the dark, but there’s a thing. Oh my God! See, this is going to be the thumbnail. Let’s keep that face. I will ask our artist if he can. The sorting hat heat change coaster is they change…
Let’s try it, let’s put it on the flames. No!
A lot more than just color would change. I was, of course, joking. Oh, you’re so hilarious. I suppose we could cut the cake, I’m not sure our viewers want to see. Just blow the candle! We’ll close the video when she blows the candle, so [various like, comment, subscribe babble] 3, 2, 1,
What?! Hold on! And… cut!

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  2. Fiction is largely dystopian, and when it's supposedly "utopian", almost every time it turns out that it's actually dystopian.

    There's this misconception that if a person says something positive, it makes them naive, while if a person says something cynical, then that person's an "intellectual"; it's so deeply ingrained that actual real-world data and technologies that are possible-in-principle and even in active development to either create or improve upon what's currently available (like biostasis and molecular manufacturing) are ignored or underfunded and rarely talked about in any serious manner.

    Also, thanks to LEAF for bringing more attention to geroscience. 🙂

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