Learn Russian Vocabulary | Topic: Electricity

Why do i need need all these electrical stuff? Why should I know how they are all called? Why do I need a topic electricity? Friends you can ask me such a question, and I will answer you, that electricity is what we interact with everyday. Look, I have a huge amount here of devices which I use every day, right? If I say this in Russian, then I have a huge number of devices, which I use every day. So let’s talk about electricity, but we will begin with the very beginning. If we look over there, there are pipes. I see pipes there, and this is a power station, this is where we get electricity from. And there are just a few types of power plants. The most popular is thermal power plant. Coal or gas is burned there, and electricity is obtained. The second most popular it is a nuclear power plant. Then there is a hydroelectric power station, and there is even a geothermal power station. Of course yet electricity can be generated by using solar panels, or using wind generators, or windmills. Max, but how does electricity get into our apartment? Good question. In order for electricity to get into our apartment, we need electric poles and large long wires or cables. AND these wires or cables we call the power lines. those are gigantic long wires that go from power plants to the apartment – they are the power lines. And what is the difference between cable and wire? Also a good question! Usually we use these two words as synonyms .. Wire and cable. Buuut wire is more a simple technical device, and the cable is something more serious. AND electricity comes here. Eheh .. This is a socket, and my mother always told me: “Max, do not put your fingers into the socket.” Voltage in Russia=220 volts is the standard voltage in most Russian sockets. Into the socket we can put on something, for example, I can put on the laptop or a kettle. Sometimes we say just “plug it”, yes. Max, stick the kettle into a power socket, or, max, plug the kettle into a power socket. Let’s plug this kettle into this outlet. Haha and So, plug the kettle into the socket. The kettle fell down .. Well. Ahh, water, damn, (I) need a rag. Damn, well, every time this crap happens. So where is the rag? Rag .. Rag, rag. Oh, here’s a rag, great rag. It’s a rag Now we will wipe the floor. But sometimes it happens that the wire is too short, and in such cases we need an extension cord. Now, this is an extension cord, and this extension cord will help us lengthen the wire, i.e. make our wire longer. The extension cord is like this like this or like this. And we call such an extension cord- “perenoska”. This part we call ‘a plug(fork)’. This is a fork. Plug, wire, plug, wire. The plug may be like this or, for example, like this, or like this. And if you have such a plug, then you need an Plug Adapter. A Plug Adapter is a device that helps us to go from one type of a plug to another type of a plug. Here I have a wonderful Plug Adapter. It can be turned on, or you can turn it off. By the way, in addition to the socket, we still have a switch. I wonder why we call him “turnerOFF” and not “turnerON”? We can turn on the light or turn off the lights, turn on and off, and we call it the “switch.” Still sometimes we say: “So, Max, cut DOWN the light.” ok “Oh, it’s quite dark, Max, cut ON the light.” Switch on switch off, cut ON -cut OFF. Every day I use a power socket to charge my laptop. AND this is a charger for my laptop, we say charger, charging device or charger, or adapter. The most common word is ‘charger’. Now I’ll put my laptop on charge. While I was shooting this video, my phone is also dead. Yes, my phone’s battery discharged, so now I want to charge my phone and for that I will use a Powerbank, which we call “powerbank”. So, great I connected my phone to powerbank, and now my phone is charging. Well, let’s repeat all the words again, quickly, ok? Repeat after me- By the way, it is very popular in travel: “Do you have an adapter by any chance?” If you, for example, are from America, then you will need an adapter in Russia. You may ask: “Could you tell me, if you have an adapter?” That’s all for today, friends, and remember when you leave home then necessarily turn off all electrical appliances. See you!

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