Learn English – How to say HELLO in 10 fun ways (2) – Language, speaking & conversation full course

Another very typical expression is ‘How’s it going?’ Again concertina it all together: ‘How’s it going?’
Get the musical internation correct on this one. How’s it going? How is it going?
How’s it going mate? How’s it going? Not bad. How’s it going for you? Long time. No see! Wow. Long time. No see. Dave! Long time. No see. How’s the Mrs? etc. ‘Long time. No see.’ is a very old historical phrase which you say when you haven’t seen a person for a
long period of time. Long time. No see. Obviously with this one you need to get
it exactly correct. Long time. No see. You can’t make any variations on this or it
just sounds silly. Hey. How’s everything? How’s everything?
This, of course, is ‘how is everything’. So many of these are variations of the same
idea: How’s things? How’s it going? etc. Alright! If somebody says this to you in
the street in London, you probably won’t know what they’re talking about. But it
is the word ‘alright’. Pronounced exactly the same as if you
said the two words: ALL and RIGHT. Again this is a very typical
street expression, where the intonation is particularly important. Alright.
You’ll notice once again the T at the end is not pronounced. ‘Alright’ is
possible, but it sounds a little bit strange as it is a colloquial street
expression. Alright! This can also be used not only to say ‘hello’, but has many
other applications too. Alright. Alright. Calm down please. Alright. How are you doing?
How are you doing? This is ‘how are you doing?’ which is a variation of ‘How are you?’ So
‘How are you?’ as we have seen has many different possible variances: ‘How’s it going?’ ‘How are you?’ ‘How’s everything?’ ‘How are you doing?’

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