Language Apps #1 (Tagalog, Vietnamese, German & French)

I was requested to speak the language okay monkey hasta stuff is bass ice Oh time whoa any word oh sure Oh

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  1. Tagalog is soooooo easy try speaking both my native languages and i'm half dutch half Indonesia and 2% hokkien chinese do all 3 lf them he he he

  2. Q lindo tienes un canal Aunque no te pueda entender Eres muy divertida y me gustan mucho tus vídeos Espero que en modelos toda tu vida lo hagas en español porque la verdad Eres muy divertida y tienes unas características muy lindas 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗😍

  3. Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    (1. Came from boyinaband/Dave
    2. She spoke Vietnamese almost perfectly and yes it's based off french so it sounds "Frenchy")

  4. Wie ghets = Nuggets Omgs This one made me die xD Sieben = Semen omgs xD You are too adorable lol I'm learning German so this video was just so amazing to me lol <3

  5. Wait, I saw this video before….. Ohhhh i just realized, you were in Philippine news! In my country they praise people who are forgrien speaking our language!

  6. As a viet, this’ll be interesting :^)

    edit: mission abort, abort

    p.s. most viet speakers dont use that many syllables 🙂 gj though

  7. sa wa dee krap
    so what do you krap
    krap krap
    (saying it over here since langauge apps 4 has comments disables ;-;)

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