Kindle Publishing Tutorial | Fiction or Non Fiction in 2019?

Hey Everybody! Emeka here and in
today’s video we’re gonna talk about should you get started in fiction or
nonfiction for self-publishing you know fiction or nonfiction which one is the
better one and which one should you get started with today alright so well if
you’re watching this probably brand-new so make sure you smash the subscribe
button if you want to learn three things how to increase your income
to take back your freedom so you could design the ultimate lifestyle fixturing
on fiction which one should you really get started with and which one makes
more money well in today’s video we’re gonna answer that and I got a list of
different topics or different things that I want to talk about it so let’s
get into it so first off what’s the difference between fiction publishing
and nonfiction publishing it’s really simple with nonfiction publishing you’re
gonna be solving problems so a lot of the nonfiction books are gonna revolve
around like how-to books so how to potty train your kid how to lose weight how to
do this whatever the case is you’re gonna be solving some sort of
problem people are buying your books for solutions to their problems that is key
with nonfiction we resolved the other side of things
fiction publishing it’s fiction you’re telling a story
so you want to captivate your readers by telling them some sort of amazing story
those are going to be the two differences but what about the income
opportunities now this is where things really kind of kind of go a different
direction nonfiction the income opportunity on the front end is not
nearly as great as it is with fiction nonfiction you can do well and when I
say well you can do ten fifteen $20,000 a month solely on
nonfiction publishing but to really start generating 30 40 50 60 thousand
dollars a month you need to be selling some sort of additional prize on what’s
called the back end so that’s by collecting your emails and selling them
additional products that are related to the books that you’re using that’s what
all of the great nonfiction publishers really they’re now internet marketers
have done to scale their business to those type of numbers fiction on the
other hand our avid readers and your paint slightly different because you’re
gonna be getting paid off with the pages read so fiction income is it going to be
coming from the front end there’s not a ton of back-end stuff you can really
sell to a fiction reader so they’re gonna be reading and absorbing lots more
of the content compared to the nonfiction counterpart so which one do
you want to be doing well it really depends if you’re somebody who likes
reading and you just want to stick to the Amazon platform fiction might be a
phenomenal choice for you if you like the idea of marketing you like being
able to grow your business um away from Amazon and getting to the
affiliate marketing thing and you know learn a lot more skills that are gonna
be more transferable to things down the road nonfiction might be the case for
you not that saying fiction doesn’t require or give you transferable skills
it absolutely does as well but there are two very different business models but
the number one thing to remember and this is where most people kind of drop
the ball especially with nonfiction both require an email lists to hit high
income levels when I say high I mean 10 15 $20,000 or more a month
you have to build an email list if you want to reach those type of levels so
what about the learning curve nonfiction has a much easier learning curve for
brand new people to get started with it is what I got started with it it’s just
a lot easier to get laid out it is a lot easier to start making money with in the
beginning and does require a smaller upfront investment then fiction does
fiction does take a bit more skill and a bit more understanding before the
profits start coming in both can be done without taking a course but your chances
are gonna be significantly higher by taking a nonfiction course like the blue
print publishing Academy or a fiction course basically what a course will do
it’ll simply just cut it on the fluff and speed up your results for either
fiction or nonfiction so naturally I have a nonfiction publishing course so
people would think hey shouldn’t you just be talking about getting people to
go into nonfiction versus fiction no no because some people like the idea
of creating stories and creating a reader fanbase and that whole thing that
you do with the fiction with the fiction publishing and that’s totally great if
that’s kind of you than fiction publishing is definitely the route you
want to go by for me I just enjoyed the idea of nonfiction I enjoyed the whole
how-to thing I enjoyed the idea of back-end sales that was what got me
excited compared to just doing story after story after story after story so
go with the one that seems most interesting for you because if you’re
more interested in it and you’re more excited about it the chances of you
finding success with it are gonna be a lot higher than if you’re just kind of
dabbling in one or the other so if you want more information on this make sure
you smash the subscribe button I’m taking a look around the channel and
I’ll definitely link some other videos here and you’ll see some videos coming
up in a second on the channel on how to get started with self publishing in
either fiction or nonfiction you

12 Replies to “Kindle Publishing Tutorial | Fiction or Non Fiction in 2019?

  1. Good explanation Emeka: thank you for this feedback, this video is consistent with the one you made with Garry on the back end without that we can not exceed a certain level, thank you for putting quantified data .

  2. If you're publishing books in a ton of different subjects how could you have an email list related to each subject?

  3. @ Emeka Ossai Looking classy with that wine glass hehe ; )) I really love how your approachable and engaging in videos, I really enjoy it. Thanks for the tips on fiction, I too enjoy non fiction more.

    My Self Publishing Blueprint has helped me so much in my publishing business, thank you Emeka

  4. hi omeka just wanted to know if there was room to do both by possibly using two different pen names. I would like to solve problems for people but on the other hand there is so much creativity in this sick mind of mine. Thanks so much

  5. It cannot be emphasised enough that you should stick with one and just go with it! When I started, I was doing a bit of both and that was a big mistake. Choose one and go deep into a niche. That's when your sales will improve

  6. Mr Ossai thank you for the value giving information do you think is it good to sell your ebooks on apple , google play, or only on Amazon?. Because as a newbie publisher i think that is more difficult to have a better rank in all platforms instead of focus in one

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