Katrina Klett – Asian Languages and Literatures Undergraduate

My name is Katrina Klett and I’m an Asian
Languages and Literature major at the University of Minnesota. I’ve always been somebody who loves to
study language and the reason I became really
interested in Chinese actually is that in addition to being a lover
of languages I’m also a beekeeper and I was really fascinated by this
situation in China. They have an extremely high diversity of bee species. In China and beekeeping is
an incredibly important industry. They’re the largest honey producers in the world and I really wanted to facilitate more
communication and information exchange between the United States and China so I
decided that I would need to study Chinese I joined Asian Languages and Literature. I studied
abroad in China and then I really was proactive during
my study abroad time about, first of all, learning the language but second, about making opportunities
for myself while I was there. So I went out and I started volunteering
at a research lab that dealt with honey bees That turned into an internship,
connections that I made turned into a rural development project. I was able to begin doing work in China because of the connections that
I made while studying abroad and through the University in Minnesota
I was able to find the funding to make it affordable to do that. As an undergraduate student, I think one
of the biggest mistakes you can make is to just go to class and then leave
class and completely check out from your major. look at going
to college as an entire experience don’t just look at this as the courses that you have to complete in
order to graduate. This is a springboard and so you really
need to making use of the resources that are
available to you. Your professors would love for you to
come to their office hours and talk and develop a project or
develop a research idea or give you some advice about where you
might go to grad school, where you might look for work. Your
advisors are there for that exact same purpose and I’ve really utilized these services
and a lot of the opportunities that I’ve had that have allowed me to start working in
my field before I even graduated they came because I sought my
professors out and because I sought my advisers out
and I applied for grant opportunities. So don’t think that just because you’re
undergraduate that you’re not yet ready to start experimenting with your
own projects and ideas. Now is the time! 0

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