Katherine Reilly’s Interview for “I Can’t Love You” Novel

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to
welcome a friend of mine tonight. A highly active individual who has just published
her fifth book, “I Can’t Love You” Katherine, it’s a pleasure to have you
here. It’s a pleasure to be here. Before asking you about your new book, would you mind giving us a few details concerning your authoring efforts? Sure, my first writing endeavor had to do with the book called the “Road to Femininity” and it’s a book about self-discovery and what it means to be a woman. Afterwards, due to my
capacity as an English teacher, I decided to write a series of Children’s books
called “The Adventures of Ben and Friday” The main characters, Ben and Friday,
actually represent aspects of my own character and I combined that with my
passion for writing and my love for comics and science fiction. Interesting. So, how did “I Can’t Love You” come about? Okay, well they say that each and
every one of us has a story to tell. Without giving away a lot of the plot
details, the two main characters, Nadia and Sara, represent two marginalized
communities. Nadia is loosely based on my own character and through both their
eyes we can see how society treats them The prejudice, the hate and their
everyday struggles in society. We get to see the bond that is
formed between the two characters and it makes us wonder what it means to be a
family, because sometimes we ask ourselves who are the people that we
consider family, the people who are biologically related to us or the people
who have stood by our side our whole lives and have supported us. So, one could
say that we get to see two different lives through these two characters and
how they face their everyday struggles That sounds interesting. So, in a few
words, if you were to describe the meaning of the story, what would that be? I’d say the main meaning of the book is to never give up hope
no matter what happens in life, no matter the depression the frustrations
we go through, we should never give up hope, and see the bright side of things. Inspiring. Thank you. I have to ask you one more thing The model on the cover of the
book; It’s you, right? Oh my God. Yes it is. Are you a professional model? I’m a part-time model. Actually my associates proposed that I do the photoshoot for the book and I’m just
happy that the end result lived up to everyone’s expectations. It’s actually quite impressive. Thank you so much. “I Can’t Love You” is now available on
Amazon and all major online distributors for worldwide purchase. Katherine, thank you
for being with us tonight. Thank you for having me here.

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