Just Monika STORYBOARD EDITION! (Doki Doki Literature Club Song)

(Random Encounters Intro) Sayori:I’m so glad you’re joining the Literature Club! Nate: Hey, I never agreed to join… Monika: Oh wow, Sayori! Who’s your friend? Sayori: He’s our club’s newest member! Nate: That’s…not set in stone… Sayori: This is Monika! Yuri! and Natsuki! …and you already know me! Monika: Welcome to our meeting! Yuri: Are you into reading? Sayori: No need for being coy! Monika: We’ll improve your uptake! Natsuki: Have a friggin’ cupcake and must you bring a boy? Monika: Time to write some poems! Don’t be scared to show ’em! The festival’s days away! Natsuki: You could help with baking! Yuri: Or with banner making! Sayori: And I’ll walk home alone today… Maybe we’re friends… Maybe we’re more… How could he love a simple girl next door? I’m just not the type he’s looking for! (shows the most perfect poem) Monika: Hey, Sayori, you doing okay? (Look at Nate) Sayori: I’m having a difficult day… Monika: I’d say! You seem preety lonely! Nate: I wish I could make her grin… …all she wants are things back the way they’ve been. Monika: Ş̴́h͘̕e’s depressed and stressed and she’s feeling blue… So I don’t want Sayori hanging around you! JUST MONIKA! (x7) JUST JUST MONIKA! Monika: I̵̛’̀͟m̴̨ so glad you’re joining the Literature Club! Nate: Wait! What happened to S̡̀͘ą̀͡y̵̶ó͘͟r҉̵͘͟i̶̛͢͠͝? Natsuki: Who? Yuri: There’s no one here named that Natsuki: Manga is my passion Dont you dare be bashin’ The writing’s got finesse Maybe you should borrow These until tomorrow Were you looking up my dress? Yuri: *Grabs Nate* Let’s go read a story! Nate: What about S̡̀͘ą̀͡y̵̶ó͘͟r҉̵͘͟i̶̛͢͠͝? Monika: Let’s talk about me instead! I’ve been learning piano! And I sing soprano! And I can’t get you out of my head! Yuri: Can’t look away, can’t help but blush… When did i get this overwhelming crush? It’s sharp as a knife, and twice the rush! Natsuki: Yo, there’s something i think you should know. I’ve never seen Yuri so- Yuri: -Sane and chill, and still kinda sweaty. And, i don’t mind cutting to the chase. I’m in LOVE with you and your gorgeous face! Monika: That’s a sentiment i can’t allow. So my dear friend Yuri is GETTING THE POINT NOW! (geez this is so dark) Just Monika x7 MORE JUST MONIKA *Then Monika does some dance then drops knife* More just monika- (Poor Natsuki) Just Monika JUST MONIKA! Monika: Could you have guessed? Maybe you knew? Natsuki is next, i’m DELETING HER TOO! (noooooo Natsuki!) We don’t need cupcakes, or poems, or tea! I only need you to love me~! Wow, that’s a lot of CrunchyRoll you’ve been watching. (Cough cough shameless promotion cough cough) You’re really taking advantage of that free VRV trial *Nate’s normal scream* Monika: Hey, there’s no one else in OUR WAY! So look at me and just say, right here, -My dear, that you love me. And we’ll sit here till the end of time! (DELETE DELETE DELETE) Because i’ve EARNED THIS and you’re finally mine! and I’m sorry what- -you’ve had to see. But it no longer matters, because you NOW BELONG TO ME! FOREVER, FOREVER (x8) FOREVER! Sayori: Well, look what the cat dragged in! *MEOW* Nate: Sayori? You’re still in the literature club? Sayori: Of course, i’m the president after all! Yuri: Wow Sayori- Who’s your friend? Sayori: He’s our newest member! Natsuki: I’m guessing that’s not SET IN STONE…. Nate: This time, I think it is. Yuri: Why don’t you join us? I was just getting Natsuki here into my latest horror novel. Natsuki: Hey, it’s- It’s, not like I like it or anything! Sayori: So, are you walking home with anyone after this? Nate: Just my friend, Sayori~! (wink wink) Sayori: JUST SAYORI~! JUST SAYORI. (Random Encounters Outro)

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