JUST MONIKA – Behind the Scenes (Doki Doki Literature Club)

*Music starts* Just Monika! X7 OR3O: Sentiment I can’t allow. Smells really good. Peter: ..and here we have Katie hard at work drawing a really bad looking kitty. Katie: …and we got to give him a happy tail. Peter: Oh a happy tail. Of course. Katie: A tail. It’s what makes you just happy Katie: And regardless of whether your tail is straight or slightly curved, it’s your tail, and that’s what matters *Fake stumbels* Weird guy in the background: That was a really good stumble. AJ: Was he in Frame Still? Nate: I’m a professional on stumbler (Thats Not Even A Thing Nate…) AJ: Okay, so the plan is we’re gonna cost the pizza guy? Gwen: Yes. Yeah we are. Adriana: Yeah. Let’s see what happens here. Katie: I LOST A PHONE! D: OR3O: Do you have our pizza? OR3O: Thank you so much you are literally saving our lives right now! Gwen: heheh pizza! Katie: AJ is the one signing for it. You guys are gonna make me sign for it but, AJ: Do’ya need me to sign? AJ: Thank you. Katie: Monika got all the food! AJ: Take it easy, okay? Gwen: Bye! OR3O: Its mine! AJ: You guys are way too excited. AJ: I got it. Gwen: Wanna get stabbed? AJ: Is it warm? Just like the pizza brigade OR3O: WE GOT PIZZA! There’s already a really bad poet reading well Peter: Read it Gwen! OR3O: Can I read it? Gwen: No. Its in AJ’s handwriting. AJ: WHAT?! Peter: Is it inappropriately bad customer connection Gwen: It has procreation in it! AJ: How was I rhyming with procreation is really the question, I think… You didn’t actually oh, it’s more infor Peter: I think these are “Papers, please” lyrics. Oh, that’s right consummation! Gwen: and this has some page notes in it too Gwen: was I happy I don’t think so Oh Your face up a little higher for camera service. No I just have the counterbalance to the back of the table has no Arm workout I just try to adjust glasses. I’m not wearing so when I’ve been singing. I’ve been like looking that direction right that’s good Okay, sorry for gesturing with knives. Don’t stop choking him until after you say. I’m sorry. That’s when you’re like I’m sorry what oh-oh-oh mistletoe. Can you? Turn was great. Yeah, it’s Katie’s birthday tonight. Sorry yesterday That’s right you went to the ski crew yesterday right and so I thought we could all sing happy birthday for her oh We have to wait until they Guess weird severed head on the table in front of you Katie: Yo, I want you to shove food down your mouth and OR3O: Happy birthday to you~! AJ: Christina Aguilera’s here, what?! Hey everybody, this is a group gonna be unified we’re not gonna do any weird weird right All right here we go happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Katie Happy birthday to you Blow out the candles Just sayori. just say Yuri just say re creepies

100 Replies to “JUST MONIKA – Behind the Scenes (Doki Doki Literature Club)

  1. When they mentioned Katie’s birthday,

    Happy birthday to you!!!
    Happy birthday to you!!!
    Happy birthday dear Katie!!!
    Happy birthday to you!!!

  2. The reason MØñįKå is mad is because everyone is wearing white socks and she was the only one who didn’t get the memo

  3. I hate to say this but. I hate dominos pizza.

    Dominos pizza lover: Wait thats illegal

    Edit: sorry im just bored

  4. Here's how it went down: Guy: So you killed them for me?
    Monika: Huh? No, I don't give a [email protected]!$ about you.
    Guy: Then why did you-

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