Julia Hartwig – Literary activity after the war (15/100)

In Lublin, I’ve already talked about those…
about it being an interesting cultural hub, but there young writers could also be included in that. Among others at that time
Jacek Bocheński was in Lublin, Anna Kamieńska and I, as well as writers
who’d arrived with the First Army, including Putrament and Ważyk. They wasted no time in creating
a post-war union of writers and straight away… we were easy prey and besides,
we were curious to know what was going on. This is very complicated, on the one hand,
you hate all of this while on the other, finally something’s happening and perhaps some good will come of it; there have been many illusions throughout our history. They invited us to participate
in the writers’ union as candidates. For many years, there was a system in the writers’
union that first of all, candidates were accepted, there were youth groups, yes, the lives of
these young writers was very varied then. That was when my first public literary activity started, in a way that is generally understood, namely,
those were my first poems which I published in Odra. I beg your pardon, it wasn’t in Odra
– Odra didn’t exist yet.

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