Jonathan Safran Foer Interview: Novels Can Learn from Poetry

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  1. I had agreed, but while I listened with empathy, that connection soon dwindled as soon as you mentioned a deeper connection to video. I do like the mystery of a good romantic comedy, or a video that has more than one story (sub-plot) within it, so that my mind can be entertained. I find that most video that tries to intrique us is hodge podge with the way they start in the middle and show us the end (etc). The video that I feel is expertly done has at least two sub-plots and great narration..

  2. Though I wonder if you have read, "New York," by Rutherford? Or the novel that Stephen King started in 1971, and finally wrote it and finished the series just two years ago. Then he has connected other novels to this story. I ask that you listen 2 these books Nstead of read them. It may take a second 2 get used 2, but listen N UR car, or at night. Gunslinger, Dark Tower 1-7 & The Black House. This discombobulated line of stories ends N a suprising story that mixes poetry, history, & belief.

  3. Write music lyrics, write books or write short stories in that order. Writing poetry will get you ridicule and an audience of poets. It's also one of the most beautiful things you can do in the world, but society has an indirect way of stamping it out.

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