Jimin X oli London fan fiction extra hawt (13+) [ff]

Warning This is a joke please don’t get offended collaboration with joonie vibes on youtube (link in desc) (narrator) Oli London is looking at pics of jimin on instagram He has found Jimin’s location through saesangs! A wild Jimin has appeared (oli London) JIMIN OPPAR! (jimin) Who the frack are you? You look like trash! (oli) I am you, or your Husband Let’s go now babe. *oli takes Jimin to an unknown location* (Narrator) Jimin gets kidnapped by oily fish. They go to oli London’s house which is an hour away but lets skip time UwU! (oli) Oh Jimin we are going to have so much fun tonight! *Traumatized Mino walks in then abruptly leaves again* (Jimin) I want to die… (oli) Jimin the doctor says you are pregante (pregnant) (Jimin) How is that possible? you twat I’m a F***ing man! (Narrator) You stupid hoe, if you have small fingers you’re a woman! (Jimin) Crap I just gave birth! (oli) Ew that baby looks nothing like you, piece of sh*t *yeets child* (random dude) Subcrib for ep 2 (subscribe)

2 Replies to “Jimin X oli London fan fiction extra hawt (13+) [ff]

  1. Thanks joonie vibes for helping me with this video
    Here is her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQLXFtqhs17RjrJsd59pveg
    [CC subtitles now available]

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