Jen & Julie’s Booklist: Special Education Law & Litigation Treatise

[MUSIC PLAYING] So Julie, when it comes to a
Bible in my office, this is about as close as it gets,
this nice, light reading. Holy moly. OK. So this book is just essential
as far as I’m concerned. It’s on Special Education Law
and Litigation Treatise by Mark Weber. And a legal treatises is
basically an analysis of the law surrounding any
given topic. And this is obviously
the topic of special education law. It is authority, meaning that
you can cite to it just like you might for a law
review article. But it’s not primary authority,
meaning it’s not the case law, it’s
not the statute. It’s, in fact, an analysis. But this is an excellent
analysis. And you can look it up. Almost any topic you could think
of in special education. And what you want to do when you
order it if you order, is you want to make sure you’re
getting the supplements. And what’s great about the
supplements, Julie, is what it is you get regularly
any additional– Updates? –case law and updates
that have come out. So if the law has changed in
any way or a great decision came out or a bad decision came
out, then you can see, OK, this has changed. I need to think about how this
might impact this analysis. It’s not the kind of reading
for the faint of heart. It’s pretty heavy duty stuff. And mainly attorneys
would want to do something like this. Well, that was going
to be my question. That seems like something that,
just by the mere size of it, might be appropriate for
an attorney or an advocate. But might it also be appropriate
for a parent who’s feeling a little– what’s the word I’m
looking for? Adventurous? Yes. It might. It might. I would say that you have to be
cautious about that because there is a reason you have the
training that you have when you become an attorney. And being able to understand how
to analyze a case and what the impact may or may not be. And I worry, just as I’m sure
some other professionals worry, about information people
can get when they don’t necessarily have the background
and training to understand it. Because you may misinterpret
it. You may read something and go
into a meeting and think that you understand it. And, in fact, it may not
have the impact in your jurisdiction that it does in
the jurisdiction that was decided in. So I would say, yes. It’s generally going to be
something for professional, like an attorney
or an advocate. I do think many parents could
benefit from looking at it. It’s not cheap. It’s an investment. Well, that was the next thing
I was going to say. But it’s a great investment. And the other thing I would
say is that when you’re looking through it and reading
the cases and all of that, there are many parents
who are attorneys. And they would have the training
to understand what the implications are. But they’re not a special
education attorney. They just are a parent of a
child who has a disability or children with disabilities who
has the training to understand something like this. OK. But if you’re interested in real
advocacy business or you really want to get deep into
analysis, this is a wonderful, wonderful investment. Excellent. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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