Jeff Feuerzeig Unravels the Literary Saga of JT LeRoy: VICE Talks Film

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  1. Hey Vice start cranking out some meaningful and original content like you used to do. You're all soppy, dainty and careful. I missed the old Vice where you would send ruthless journalists into hostile areas just to uncover a secret truth hidden underneath a culture or society…..

    Now all you do is interview people and pander to the Social Justice Crowd……. It's all you do. I miss Vice Travels, hamilton's pharmacopeia, Fringe and Rule Britannia.

    You changed Vice, you changed.

  2. Who. Gives. A. Fuck. This is the same as that bullshit you did with those two hipster whores who went to be truck stop strippers and ended up in reality being about how they are edgy and doing stuff that their friends on the hipster faggotry farm back home will say wow you so edgy.

  3. Why the fuck is this level of investigative journalism focused on triviality and entertainment instead of politics? At least then we'd know what sort of criminal we're voting for.

  4. I want to see this documentary soooo bad because it's probably the greatest trolling of hipster douchebag left wing pretentious "Cool People" ever. hahahaha.

  5. If Yoko Ono and Carol Channing had a love child, (through Gilbert Gottfried's frozen sperm) it would look like Laura Albert.

  6. Nice puff piece. The real documentary is called The Cult of JT LeRoy. It's the version Laura Albert does not want you to see.

  7. I guess I'll be the voice of ascent, here: This film is AMAZING. I loved the Devil & Daniel Johnston, he is such a beautiful man and Jeff did such a great job at dignifying a life that's so often ignored or disdained. I loved JT's work, I didn't feel at all tricked when all the cream rose because there was no trick, it was never written as an attempt to hoax the hipsters, it wasn't meant as anything but a metaphorical and FICTIONAL representation of the workings-out of Laura Albert's pain and trauma and as far as I'm concerned: She Won Self Care. she's apologetic enough but not overly so, she's plenty self-deprecating and she's honest as hell about her brand of crazy. I'm full of love for Both Albert and this film.

  8. AND: VICE has always been a voice for Alternative Everything. This film is NO exception. If you think it's about celebrities and entertainment and frivolity, kindly shove your Relevant Membership card up your collective asses. It's about a woman's struggle with overcoming serious childhood trauma by using the skills she had, creating tremendous art from her pain and having what ultimately seems like a minor caper in the process. She cost no one a cent, she paid the fine she had levied [against her in a civil suit] and she isn't living like a rockstar.
    1. Struggles with mental health and trauma.
    2. Art. Good, subversive, fresh and edgy FICTION. Almost punk-rock.
    3. Behaved responsibly by taking her undeserved lumps [by paying that ridiculous fine], by revealing herself to the most important people in her life [which kept her from losing her job, thank g_d]. Vice is doing the same sorts of films as ever, the crux of this story is a solid social issue and human interests.

  9. The American pop culture douchebags. So quick to make literary heroes out of total frauds. Just like the place so much importance in the musical garbage today.

  10. If this would have been true. This boy was still getting expolited. And the fact that ppl happily took signature racoon memorabilia they were sick to get money over the sadness of this boy Life. And they talked to him w any legal guardian AROUND. So what say bout them???

  11. I don't know what the hype is all about. There are writers who write under pen names. Freedom of speech! I would think that her actor friends wouldn't be so upset about it being actors, they should probably give her an Emmy Award or an Academy Award. I watched the documentary and thought it was a excellent. Her imagination brought people into her fictional world. She took on a different name because she felt she was not attractive enough to be out in public. She sent out the actress to play her because she was overweight.

  12. This just sounds like a more recent version of Armistead Maupin’s book ‘The Night Listener’, which was based on a factious book called ‘A Rock And A Hard Place’, written by Vicki Johnson in 1993, who was pretending to be Anthony Godby Johnson, a 9 year old boy who was severely abused by sick pedophiles.
    Many celebrities fell for that one too, including Oprah.
    There was a movie with the same title of Maupin’s book titled ‘The Night Listener’ from 2006 starring Robin Williams, it’s only loosely based on the true events, but it’s an excellent movie.

  13. It’s so weird that you only have to travel back to 2016 to find decent stuff from vice. It’s such a shame they went “woke”

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