Jared Singer – “Silence”

I’ve always prided myself
on being an honest person. But I have decided that I will not speak
unless I can say the complete truth. This has made it
so much harder to talk about the things
that are really important to me. Samantha, I wouldn’t change a thing
about our prom night, not even my ridiculous powder blue tuxedo. That’s right. I rocked it hard. But I have spent so many… wishing that we could have had
a different ending. I have lost track of the number of times
I called you crazy and every time I did I was so… of myself. Do you remember that night
when we watched the meteor shower and you put my hand on your left breast
and you offered me… I still can’t… All I could say was… Dad, you are the… of… I have ever met. Thank you. I wouldn’t be half the…
I am today if it wasn’t for you. Do you remember you said to me
the first time I came home with a broken arm. You said, “Jared, why don’t you just… ” And I did that. I have spent the rest of my life
trying to… so that you would be… of me. If I ever have kids, I’m going
to make sure they know one thing. I’m going to make sure they know… and it’s all because of you, Dad. The first time a woman told me
that I was the only fat man she had ever wanted to fuck,
I could only say… I almost married her. By the third woman to tell me
that I was the only fat man she had ever wanted to fuck,
I knew to say… I think a lot about the other women, about the ones who never told me
why I was desirable, and that if they did they’d say… You see the thing about the truth is that it is almost never one thing. I just want to be an honest man
while still leaving room for all of the answers. So how come every time
I try to hold the truth, it… Thank you all very much. (cheers and applause)

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