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  1. a friend made me a Twitter account that I refuse to use. The only reason I still have it is because I'm too lazy to log back in and delete it.

  2. It would be kind of hipocritical if we bronies excluded people from our fandom based on age or gender. I think the only "requirement" for being a brony (besides loving the show) is that you are also a part of or at least aware of the internet community.

    tl;dr: Yes, you can be a brony (or pegasister, if you prefer)

  3. I know its late to reply to this but I love the Haiku, there is something about the limitation and the shortness that not only drives the point home but also leaves room for everything else to be filled in. For example the Hemingway 'quote that was mentioned, it can be quite depressing, but depending on how you look at it or interperate it it can mean so many different things. Issa did this often, unless you knew him, what is a depression haiku might seem like anything but w/o context.

  4. Here's an idea: all of your videos are actually conspiracy theories. The cite irrelevant facts, have no backing evidence other than your own opinions, and are accepted and praised by thousands of people desperate to feel slightly smarter than everyone else. Think about it.

  5. I love hoe historical figures have twitters like Emperor Hadrian (@Emperor_Hadrian), Robert Gould Shaw (@colonel_shaw), even president harry Truman,

  6. Actually, a lot of Japan's top selling books are keitai shousetsu, or cell phone novels written in between classes or on buses! They're published on sites like twitter and they are amazing. I wish this would trend in the US- I'm writing one now on twitter (@keitaishousetsu) sorry the comments a little late 🙁

  7. Why is everybody talking about twitter in this context? Twitter simply inherited the 160 char text message limit (Twitter was originally designed to work via text – you can actually still do that, 20char username + 140char message =160char text).
    So why is it that we talk about the 140 char twitter limit, but nobody talks about the text massage limit? Do people forget that quickly? Or is it because SMS is mostly one-to-one while twitter is one-to-many?

  8. lol haven't seen this video before. but i have made an sort of facebook novel already. its about me from the future who comes too the present and teaches me how to survive the upcoming apocalypse. i always make an update in my futur self his name. but mostly its me ranting on things saying they will be useless when the events happens and me being random. so i think made art by accident. lol

  9. the Eternal Chaos Bringer comment is quoting a youtube cartoon-turned song. which is ridiculously catchy, thanks to Charlie McDonnell

  10. I'm French, and lately, a journalist called Philippe Deglise challenged 25 famous French authors to write an actual novel in 140 ca. He gathered the results into this (ledevoir.c0m/documents/pdf/140.pdf) (in French) and it is surprisingly successful. So yeah, Twitter can be the successor of haikus and a newest form of literature, perfectly.
    I hope there will be the same challenge in English 🙂

  11. If you like the concept of very short literature, I recommend Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories in 25 Words or Fewer. The editor, Robert Swartwood, talks about Twitter, flash fiction, drabbles, dribbles, and Hemingway's 6-word story in the post where he coins the term "hint fiction."

  12. In the new series. In the old days (pre 80s) they simply couldn't and had to build ramps and elevators everywhere

  13. was I the only one who watched this video JUST to see the reactions of the brony video? wish he put in some rage comments…

  14. This is a really interesting idea, and I think that 'twitterature' is just as legitimate as any other form of writing. However I do think it's pretty foolish to tweet something like "just had bacon sandwich lol" because nobody really cares. If it's not being used intelligently for a reason other than to tell everyone about small happenings in your inconsequential trivial life, then it's just so much more trash clogging up our series of tubes when it could be used for better things. Like lolcats.

  15. If six word stories are allowed to be literature than yes a tweet can be considered an new form of literature. Like you said constraint does create new methods and practices.

  16. Welcome to the world of Twitter Fiction! My fast, funny, live-tweeted murder mystery, Executive Severance won the 2012 Mary Shelley Award for Outstanding Fictional Work and continues as our country's best-selling Twitter novel!

  17. Not one to rest on my laurels, I have begun tweeting The Golden Parachute, the amazing sequel to Executive Severance! Follow my tweets daily at 9AM, Noon and 9PM on Twitter at @Twitstery

  18. No it's not fucking literature enough with the over liberal BS. How the hell can celebrities writing about their lunch be considered literature

  19. Literature is a collection of words and sentences (proza, poetry, stories) so it could be literature. But very dumb and sensless literature.

  20. Quite the opposite. So… THIS: ermahgerd iamjqsb trololoLololol!!!!1!! – is literature now? I don't want live on this planet anymore.

  21. Art is about being creative, there may be limits, but there are no limits in terms of what those limits can be. I consider role playing a form of literature since you're making up a story, even if you're not doing it alone. I can imagine a reality TV style novel being written by different authors playing characters who use the different social media and it doesn't even have to be all that realistic, it could be about something totally scifi or magical that happening in our world, expressed by the authors via the media… that would be pretty cool. Makes me want to go try it out. XD

  22. Okay, hold up. Just to note, 'pegasisters' never really 'got of the ground' as a term for female bronies (probably because there are three horse subspecies in the show, not just pegasi). Also, connecting Twitter to haiku makes sense; I guess if haiku somehow became a popular form of communication, we'd end up with a lot of very lousy ones, too.

  23. Realize Twitter
    is the New Form of Haiku; 
    Idea Channel 

    he Quickly Googles.
    Mike has Already thought This.
    Don't know how to feel.

  24. I have been looking for Rick Moore's twitter novella for weeks but could not remember the title or the author. Thank you so much! There was a nice reading on selected shorts:

  25. There is actually a book called twitterature. I read it a few years back and enjoyed it a lot. It was popular literature some classic and some modern written in the form of tweets

  26. Even if this is a niche community, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Twitter Role Play as far as a literary standpoint

  27. I have had an identical argument with my university lecturer on this subject and I cannot call twitter posts literature. Literature typically seems to embody the epoch or period it was written in or reject the period it was written in regarding societal, philosophical or hegenomous ideals, but twitter posts do not. They are 99% concerned with self-serving attempts to install ourselves into the fabric of eternity… basically cheat/ignore death by living forever on the internet. Twitter posts have no higher goal and do not seek to raise our consciousness. They make no attempts to either conform, inform or purposefully and demonstrably break away from the literary movement/landscape they are created in.

    But since we live in a post-moderist ideological landscape we cannot reject absurdity anymore. We must simultaneously accept that twitter is literature, yet ignore the fact that no such arguments have ever been made about precursor sites like myspace or bebo.

    Here is the truth: if the post-modernists win and this becomes literature, then academic institutions become null and void. We would not need academia to extol the philosophies and merits of literature because these values are myths and simply aren't relevant in the face of a generation that can anoint its own literary canon. When libraries become usb sticks packed with tweets, what happens to the progression of the human mind? How do we move forward from a fundamentally flawed and reductionist philosophy?

    The question is not 'Is twitter literature?', the question must be 'how can we as intellectually honest beings let twitter destroy literature?'

  28. I hope people in the comments have talked about the wealth of Twitter fiction "magazines," some of them paying markets (and many existing well before this video). I sold some twitterfic back in the day.

  29. i would go so far as to say it represents the future of literature. our consumption habits are changing because of the internet. feed scrolling has re-oriented us towards skimming and parsing rather than reading and contemplating. the novel is dead and we must replace it with the instant, ephemeral, easily digestible yet informationally dense: the tweet.

  30. I like to watch old videos and the person points to the top for the subscribe button, makes me remember the good ol days.

  31. Actually in terms of the English lexicon, the 'volta' in a Sonnet functions similarly to a Kireji, as a 'turn' about which the perceived meaning of the poem changes. I guess a defined turn is just a natural story telling technique for many forms.

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