Introduction to Spanish Language

Welcome, Bienvenidos to the Spanish Course. My
name is Dr. Isabel Castro, and I teach Spanish at Boston College and Tufts University.Whether
you’re a high school student or an adult, this course is designed to equip you with
sufficient essential Spanish to be able to pass the Spanish CLEP, and earn college credit.
After completing this course, you will have a solid base on which to continue developing
your Spanish, either formally through classes or informally in continued conversation with
other speakers. This course covers material that is usually
taught at the introductory and intermediate levels in US colleges. The course is built around a variety of models
or situations that you need to know in order to pass the CLEP exam. Including talking about
presenting yourself, being able to express your daily routine, express emotions and doubts
in the target language, be able to understand and be understood in a trip to a Spanish-speaking
country, etc. The Spanish CLEP includes a reading portion.
Therefore, this course is organized into modules that contain short video lessons, exercises
and readings so you can be familiar with the skills measured in the exam. We divided the
class in modules or topical chapters that use the customary or typical themes, vocabulary,
and grammar used on Spanish college textbooks. Each module focuses in a grammatical point
and attempts to follow the order proposed on the CLEP official guide. Even though, it
starts with basic word formation, and ends with Spanish idioms and other advanced topics,
it is designed for students to pick and choose the order and topics, according to their level
and interest. The course also includes supplementary resources
such as recommended textbooks and online assessment, consisting on questions similar as the ones
used in past CLEP’S exams. Make sure you watch all the video, do the exercises, and
answer the questions, son you can truly master the material presented.  Good luck, buena suerte!

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