Introducing the Endangered Languages Project

Language is the means by which we pass
on our ideas, knowledge and identity from one generation to the next. But, of the seven thousand languages
currently spoken, it is expected that 50% will
not survive the turn of the century. And when the last fluent speaker of a
language dies, we lose the centuries of knowledge and traditions that have helped
shape who we are. Language loss is often related to
oppression and injustice. For these communities preservation of
their language is about the restoration of their cultural identities, their values and
their heritage. Google is working together with trusted
organizations to help stop their disappearance. The Endangered Languages project is an
online space designed for speakers of endangered languages and those
passionate about their preservation. It features the most comprehensive
information, the option to upload video audio or documents, and share your
knowledge and experiences. And this is just the beginning… Start exploring at

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