Introducing ProQuest One Literature

– [Narrator] What makes literature so important in our lives? How does it influence us
and the society at large? We need literature to connect with the story of our humanity, and that story is
evolving in exciting ways. Scholars and professors
are stepping beyond the Western canon to
pursue new, diverse avenues of literary scholarship to create an immersive experience
for their students. Now is the time for an innovative literary studies destination. Introducing ProQuest One
Literature, the new destination for comprehensive literature research, teaching, and learning. ProQuest One Literature
brings together primary works from diverse authors. With journals and historic
criticism, dissertations, e-books, reference, and
audio and video resources into one immersive experience. With ProQuest One Literature,
students and researchers can define a starting
point for their research, with curated author, literary movement, and literary works pages. And experience new content
in an interactive way. Scholars and professors
can create new curricula and help their students
find threads between texts and authors across diverse
topics, eras, and styles. ProQuest One Literature
helps libraries enrich their collections with more
contemporary works and topics, different backgrounds and
perspectives to support the evolution of literary
scholarship and teaching. ProQuest One Literature is the destination for all aspects of literature research, teaching, and learning. Uncover diverse voices,
and experience literature like never before. Expand the boundaries of literary studies with ProQuest One Literature. (uplifting music)

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