Interview with the grievance studies hoaxers

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  1. Mr Peterson are you willing to admit yet bill C16 was not what you made everyone believe it was? its been 5 years now since it passed and none of the bad things you scare mongered people about have happened?

    People you've been fooled…

  2. Think the quote about believing in anything was GK Chesterton? Good luck, Jordan, strength to your elbow!

  3. On JRE, Lindsay said he left academia because he "saw the writing on the wall". Those were his precise words. So whats true now, Mr. Lapsed Mathematician

  4. Violation of Facebook "community standards" provides ex-communication to those who violate the scripture of political correctness.

  5. Heroes, every one of them.

    14:50 – 16:40 is where you can listen to James' thought process as he so eloquently – without a spare word! – explains his analogy of post-modernism and religion.

    Right on.

  6. Free room and dinner for any and all of you – please please come to (US) Cambridge! Such inspiring thinkers, every one of you, bravo!!!

  7. @ the 1:16:10 mark… get a CCL and a lot of your concern will dissipate. If your state makes that burdensome, find a new state.
    An armed society is a polite society. 🙂

  8. Sokal wrote the hoax article, but Sokal and Bricmont then published a book, in French in 1997, and in English in 1998. There was later a second edition which is what one should read now.

  9. IRB's are totally politically motivated horseshit. I remember getting approval for something years ago for some likert surveys. Just getting approval took months while they try to drag their heels to prevent me from doing anything (they didn't want sexuality research for reasons that still elude me, they'd done something similar for a play that was sexual in nature). One subject allegedly complained (it was on sexuality, but optional, crossword puzzle on the back so no one would be offended) though I never received any proof of this complaint and they were going to revoke my approval (after approving it, in writing). I had already finished the research and they threatened to expel me and warned of some kind of hearing or something for my grievous misconduct. I laughed at the crazy lady telling me this. I had already graduated with my Master's. And that's when I decided I was never going back to a university for further education. They use IRB's to stifle thought, not protect subjects.

  10. The social justice religion is rooted in the idea of power dynamics, which means it is ultimately rooted in war. There's no articulation in the social justice epistemology of universal love, self-reflection or compromise.

  11. I have watched a few of Dr Peterson’s videos and he appears to me to be thoroughly decent man with a great deal of common sense and compassion. The experiences he describes in relation to academia indicates to me it is full of quite useless oxygen thieves. The preponderance of opaque academic jargon appears to be an attempt to prove to your peers how clever you are. The fact that jargon laden hoax papers were actually published is hilarious. Clearly the university is pissed off because they have been exposed. If you aren’t committed to evidence based study and research what earthly use are you to the rest of society? Decisions made on false premises can only ever be flawed.

  12. These universities on the west coast do need to be called out. Just the lack of integrity with these professors makes the process earning a degree a complete rip off and scam!

    I can vouch…have a BA from a csu. The dog peer review journal is basically what is presented in the humanities department 😂 and the csu I went to would actually require for it to be taken seriously.

    And true story I almost wrote a paper on rape sloth but when I presented the idea to the class of course one female reacted with offense. Its bad you guys!

  13. "I don't want to talk to you, I want to hurt you."

    I know that's disconcerting, and it's unacceptable. But it's also the sort of thing that makes it insufferable to hear the left cry about violence. It's not barbaric or juvenile to rise to the level of threat by someone who confronts you in a bar like that. ANTIFA and leftist punks are, by and large, pussified pussies. I'm not a particularly tough dude, but I've found it remarkably easy to get these types to cower when you accept their invitation to escalate the conflict.

    I hate the fact that, as a lifelong liberal, at 44 years old, I hate the left more than the right.

  14. Indoctrination by academia…pure and simple. We are seeing the results of this in growing SJWs and prevailing PC culture today.

  15. Really valuable conversation. Unbelievable that it has come to this current state of affairs. My utmost respect to Boghossian, Lindsay and Pluckrose for their courage and effort.

  16. I love Dr. Peterson but I wish he wouldn't interrupt so quickly , it makes me think that he may not be listening too well .

  17. May I suggest you write a book about this with the 20 papers you wrote – it would be a best seller and you won't have to worry about jobs.
    Please! I'll buy one – start a GoFundMe now with a description – I reckon you'll sell 1 mil plus copies

  18. I'm not even half way through, and this is already super interesting. Totally new take on postmodernism as a religion

  19. Big fan Mr. Peterson, but please let your guests speak with less interruptions?

    Seriously, this was a good conversation, and totally understandable your passionate about the topic, but this felt almost like an inquisition to the hoaxers by you, which is a bit 'Kathy Newman'ish of ya.

    Not because your setting them up incorrectly. But because as they try to explain it you interrupt and lead the guest down an alleyway they have to either agree or defend an interruption barrage.

    Again, I'm a fan. I've been suggesting your work for years. I still will, the goal is to important. But this was not handled well, at least imo.

    Keep up the good fight though.

  20. Basically these reviewers have been shown to be a bunch of hacks and they need to cover their arses to save face.

  21. The reviewers of the papers got caught with their pants down and shown not to be doing their job and they don't like it. Maybe the process is flawed and should be re-examined.

  22. Peterson needs to talk less and let his guests speak. They are there to talk about their papers not Peterson's own personal definition of post-modernism and Marxism. He is a great speaker but a terrible interviewer. He did this same thing with Jonathan Haidt and other people he was supposed to be interviewing. Bogosian even has to play interviewer at times to try to keep Peterson out of it– without much success unfortunately.

  23. Re: Helen Pluckrose' point about pulling together existing citations to weave a web: it reminds me that we're cautioned not to make dryer lint available to birds, who may incorporate it into their nests (it rains, the nest disintegrates, the eggs are lost). The editors apparently didn't recognize dryer lint–they read it uncritically, published it, and are embarrassed (if they have any brains at all). Rather than examine a flawed process, the IRB acts as though a crime has been committed.

  24. Peterson drinking game:

    -Rock paper scissors to take a shot every time you hear "postmodernism"
    -"Hierarchy" everyone takes a shot!
    -"marxist" person to your left takes a shot starting with first looser of the earlier rock paper scissors
    -"lobster" finish the bottle

  25. Exactly as a chem major we just called all liberal arts students, glorified future burger flipping man babys

  26. I would apply the conclusions to all PC subjects, like also climate change. We can never trust science again. Thanks, scientists.

    Every subject can be politicized (that's inevitable with totalitarian regimes as every government anywhere in the world is. Apart from perhaps, Bhutan, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, and obviously Liberland)

  27. A sane discussion among truly educated people. What a delight, and how very unique on Youtube.

  28. They said in another video that the quick response of JBP and sam Harris and the others, saved them from insane backlash.

  29. I am from the deep mountains. I am stupid and inbred. Study me like an insect. Here is the problem with all human thinking. The truth is far too complicated to easilly define. If you try to simplify- stereotype- generalize then you immediately murder the fucking truth.

  30. The United States government, the universities and the kangaroo courts are starting to resemble those of various African nations very nicely. The level of devastation they're bringing on us is actually quite impressive I must say.

  31. What's your net worth now? At least get a Blue Yeti, JP. Just go to Best Buy. Or the Canadian equivalent.

  32. Nothing short of a stroke of genius. To shine such a inextinguishable light on how little academics plays in Social Justice. The backlash shows how desperate they really are for an ounce of legitimacy in any claim they make. The more they fund studies the more they get evidence against their claims.

    The man that started Gender Studies made a brother simulate sex acts with his castrated brother who was told he was a female from birth. It caused both of them to kill themselves later on in life. He figured out he was a guy during puberty and in an interview he said "You are born either male or female, you will know, i am living proof, what do I have to do? Blow my brains out?" He later blew his brains out. Even if born in the wrong body, you are either male or female. Hopefully treatment comes up that isn't making yourself infertile for life after pumping you full of hormones. Because the suicide rate doesn't drop and it needs to stop.

  33. This is hilarious on the one hand, on the other hand it is a sad reflection of the current state of “scientific” journalism.

  34. To hear the bullying stories and the tales of people shunning in the halls, I can’t help but think of grade school bullies who also saw nothing wrong with their actions and were lauded by their sycophants as well as those who feared the bullies. This is advanced academia? Go to college online, kids.

  35. Kings and queens and royal courts used to have a jester to point out absurdities. The jesters are needed now, more than ever.

  36. This a great conversation guys. It should be seen by the students of these grievance studies for they to know what they are really being taught.

  37. These so-called "Grievance Studies" come from the politics of resentment. It is where Neo Marxist ideology and Post Modernist Mumble-Jumble-Hocus-Pocus intersect. Total Bunkum.

  38. I’ve never heard this much boomer mix in my life. Great substance and I enjoyed the vid, but pls fix mics

  39. George Carlin : Comedian, Philosopher, Linguist
    "Political Correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness yet attempts to restrict and control peoples’ language with strict codes and rigid rules. – Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners.

  40. Isn't it obvious that the counter claim should have been that the paper was entirely satirical in nature and therefore conferred no actual ' false data' but authentic 'fictitious meta data'.

  41. Grievance studies I've never even heard of this shit before what a bunch of f**** baby's this world has turned into what a bunch of spoiled rotten Cunts this world is filled with nowadays

  42. If you're a straight white male get your s*** together start working out arm yourselves don't take any s*** from anybody or else flatten them out

  43. University students are the true human experimentation victims in this story. The focus of IRB boards should be professors who are laying waste to the minds of our children. It's an outrage that kids are suffering this level of abuse.

  44. Dr. Lindsay makes me proud to be a mathematician. As an insider I can tell you that mathematics will be the last refuge of reason and logic in the university.

  45. Fascinating! I saw the BBC documentary series, beginning with "Survival – Ep. 1: Full Episode | History of the World | BBC Documentary" and even though I think it’s a well-made series overall I thought it was slightly jarring because they seemed to have made a deliberate effort to replace generic or male pronouns for entirely female pronouns. e.g. when describing the inventors of needles or farming etc., they said 'she' or 'her' instead of perhaps a 'they' or 'he'. It seems like a mistake to deliberately choose a specific pronoun, when there is no way to confirm who those people were. The odd thing is that instead of going for accuracy and perhaps using a neutral pronoun the BBC seems to have made the decision to risk being deliberately wrong. I was thinking that perhaps they did it because in the past, perhaps, documentaries used male or neutral pronouns by default; but to replace one potential error with a new potential error rather than implement a more accurate neutral answer (when they don't have the identity of the person they're referring to) seems bizarre. Basically, it seems they may have decided to double down on either a type 1 or type 2 error. Perhaps this is another example of some kind of identity politics leaking into education?

  46. Ann Coulter wrote the book Godless; The Religion of the Left! Describing there sacraments of abortion, sex pervert's rights, Global warming, Free Stuff Rights, etc. etc. And death to any dissenters!

  47. Could you imagine writing a spoof piece on the RCC Catholic church in the 15th century ! As the good book says "Nothing new under the sun"!

  48. Could you imagine Jordan Peterson et al. organizing a "We're mad as hell and we ain't gunna take it anymore" theme and "Move On Portland's Lib university" protest march and camp out

    My Portland grandson who was threatened with graduation for "corrupting the youth" by not worshiping at the godless Lib's pro Gay anti gun alter would gladly attend !

  49. Proverbs 26:4-5 To let a fool speak his nonsense without reproof encourages him to remain wise in his own eyes and possibly gives credibility to his folly in the eyes of others.

  50. "When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” (G. K. Chesterton)

  51. The great geneticist Francis Crick once wrote of a very bad graduate student paper: "Not only is your argument not right, it is not even wrong."

  52. if we consider this articles were an experiment, so if you give true data it means the data you presented is not fake which mean this is cheating and you fabricated the experiment , but when you present fabricated data it means you did it right for the experiment! so what fabrications they are talking about here!
    you did great job

  53. Of course the SJW shtick has all the elements of a religion… key: This movement was "EXTREMELY WELL FUNDED". A weaponized brain-virus spread by academia into the general culture. Not an accident. Our education system laid the foundation by replacing logic and independent thought (Trivium) with authority-based (Prussian) education. This weakened mental immune system is fertile ground to inject any ideology you choose. These goats are f-ing with you. Not trying to be a smarty pants here, but I was writing about this more than 20 years ago. It has now advanced to a fever boil. Great video here with some excellent hybrid vigor.

    They entered academia, and they did eat; only to realize the bright shinny apple tasted of poo and was full of worms.

  54. In a day and age when academia is on the decline, the value of a degree is on the decline, real world value of a degree is dubious to life success, there are still a few people who are metaphorically willing to be burned at the stake to preserve truth. The academic community would do well to revere people who are standing up against blind group think. Pointing out the absence of true scientific research should be applauded. Without proper scrutiny, the institutions devolve into government sanctioned indoctrination camps; we're funding public universities. Not questioning necessarily means we become useful idiots for the state or institution. These people are heroes and history will treat them as such. We've seen this pattern in the past. It's so sad to look in the mirror and accept that we are no better than our ancestors. Our institutions should be better than this and it remains to be seen if leadership sees that bigger picture.

  55. So much of this is out of the average person’s world. It is disturbing to know how detached from the real world some people in academia have become. It has oozed into the real world and this video has enlightened me greatly on several levels.
    The papers are ridiculous and funny but my heart breaks not only for how these three brave individuals will be and are being now mistreated but also how intelligent people must not be all that intelligent after all to be willingly fooled by such obvious nonsense. We are witnessing the destruction of our civilization for painfully stupid and darkly sick reasons.

  56. It seems like Marx was concerned with wealth inequality. and oppressed groups in that sense. But these new feminists have perverted the original intent to include groups not identified before. Marx is closer to the truth than these feminists are. I just want to say something else about gender studies in general. They seem to have zero applicable skills to market aside from psychology. Yet this is what hordes of women gravitate towards. It seems as if this is a self-defeating exercise.

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