Inspirational 5-STAR Author Of Contemporary Christian Fiction

Orange County, California resident, Rosemary
Hines spent much of her youth immersed in New Age beliefs and practices before her conversion
to Christianity. She was a teacher for twenty years, fifteen of those at middle school level.
Her stories reflect her own personal experiences, and she includes a letter to her readers at
the end of each novel, sharing her own life with open candor. While authors typically announce the release
of one novel at a time, Hines held her announcement until the three books were available. An avid
fiction fan herself, Rosemary hopes her readers will appreciate the seamless transition from
one story to the next. Early reviews show Hines has met her goals,
with each of the novels rated strong five-star responses on Amazon. Readers report enjoying
the strong thread of suspense and the realistic nature of the characters and storylines. The first novel of the series, OUT OF A DREAM,
portrays the lure of New Age practices and beliefs on a young woman seeking answers to
some reoccurring nightmares. A parallel plot reveals the despair of the main character’s
father, a self-made man who is facing a life crisis and considering suicide as an escape.
The second book in the series, THROUGH THE TEARS, addresses the sensitive topic of abortion
through the
eyes of the same main character as she struggles with infertility. Hines’ message favoring
adoption over abortion is delivered with compassion, sensitivity and suspense.
Hines’ third novel, INTO MAGNOLIA launches the main character’s teaching career and examines the impact of divorce, mental illness, and
the foster care system upon the lives of children. Subjects such as premarital sex and teen pregnancy
are woven through this tale of one young girl’s search for love
and the teacher who impacts her life.

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  1. I love your books I am on the with book and its my third day reading it, I am already on chapter 27!

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