In which languages do you offer walking tours in Leeuwarden?

Hi, My name is Henk and I founded ‘A Guide to Leeuwarden’ in 2013 to offer walking tours in Leeuwarden. I believe language should not be a barrier to discover the beauty of Leeuwarden. And that’s why we started doing walking tours in English right from the beginning. But since then we’ve been doing walking tours in many other languages as well. So turn on your subtitles, before my colleages will switch to other languages. Most of our tours are in Dutch because most of our visitors are Dutch. Every Tuesday till Saturday you can join a public tour in Dutch. Every Saturday at 12PM we also offer a Free Tour in English. And every Saturday there is also a Free Tour in German. Besides our public tours, you can also book our private tours on any day of the week in various languages. It is off course possible to book a private tour in Dutch. A private tour in Engels. And off course also in German. Hi, my name is Marcel. Besides my work as a tour guide, I also work as a Spanish teacher. So, if you’d like to do city tour in Leeuwarden (in Spanish), you can do so with me. Hello, my name is Luis and I am a tourguide in Leeuwarden. If you want to make an informative and sociable walking tour (in Italian), please contact us. As you can hear, I come from the north of Italy and therefore have a South Tyrolean accent. Leeuwarden is the capital of Friesland. So they speak Frisian here as well. If you need a Frisian guide, that is also possible. Hopefully we also offer a tour in your preferred language. And we hope to see you soon on one of our tours.

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