In Praise of Students.TruthtellingTrilogy:Part 3. GloriaWimberley #TRUTH #PROSE #PRAISE

Hi there! I’m Poet Gloria Wimberley and
this is Part III of my trio of truth-telling videos. The content of this
video will be joyous and more chill than Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 and Part 2 videos address how I–as a Dedicated and Caring English teacher was wronged by Eastern
Gateway Community College Administration at the Main Campus in Steubenville, Ohio… …Well,
this video is to acknowledge and thank the cornucopia of interesting
hardworking and kind-hearted students I’ve taught over the decades–almost 20
years, in fact. Truly time zooms by on hummingbird wings…I would like to say my sincere thanks goes out to all my AWESOME students from colleges and
universities in Washington DC-Northern Virginia, Central Florida, South Florida,
(Miami and Fort Lauderdale), West Virginia, and Ohio it was my pleasure to teach and
know them as human beings who shared their expertise and life-insights with
me during class discussions.Of course, praise from direct supervisors (in my
case, English Department chairpersons and such) is genuinely appreciated–but praise
from students of all ages is *especially special* and appreciated more than words
can say. From students ranging in age from 15 when I taught dually-enrolled
high school students via an IVDL (i.e. Interactive Video Distance Learning)
format, to in-person students who were adult learners in their 40s and up…my
oldest students being a female breast cancer survivor at 71 with a lifelong
dream to attain her college degree (she did so) and a 65-year-old male lawyer
from Venezuela with a great sense of humor; I learned much from them. Now I
will share praise from students–names will be withheld to protect their
identities as always…I can just hear my students saying smilingly—“Ahhhhh! don’t read
mine, Mrs. Wimberley”, so Anonymous it is. Excerpt 1 from Anonymous Student: “I
have learned so many things while being a student of Mrs. Wimberley’s. I have
never met a more ENTHUSIASTIC teacher in my entire life!
Her teaching capabilities are out of this world. Mrs. Wimberley really just isn’t a
regular teacher; she *cares* about all of her students. By being in her class I learned
to believe in myself and never give up. I look forward to
getting up and going to her class because I know that I will enjoy
learning.” Excerpt 2 from Anonymous Student: ” I just want to say how much of a
joy it was having you as my English Professor this semester. Although highly
eccentric (in a good way) you’re an excellent professor who obviously has a
**BURNING PASSION* for what you do.” Excerpt 3 from Anonymous Student:
“Academically speaking, Mrs. Wimberley excels. Through fair criticism and
uplifting praise, she’s always spurring her students to do their best.
Mrs. Wimberley demands excellence which helped me to *blossom* as a writer. She has
also aided me greatly in building a resume and becoming a compelling public
speaker.” Excerpt 4 from Anonymous Student: “Well, the class first started I
truthfully didn’t know how long I’d be there for. I thought the class was TOO
hard…so I was going to drop the class. When the second writing assignment
started, I loved coming to class and learning from you.” Excerpt 5 from
Anonymous Student: “When I took your class, I didn’t know what to expect. Then you
started the class. You were the most spunky, goofy (in the BEST way possible) and
PROFESSIONAL teacher I have ever had! I knew right away I was going to love your
class. Every step of the way you helped me with whatever I needed and opened a
new chapter for me…” Here’s a quotation from Emerson that I feel is perfect: “The
secret in education is respecting the pupil .” Thanks, Everyone…No M &Ming, Take Care and Best of Luck with all you do in life. And I’d like to
close with a Vine of Verse: “May the torch of your lexicon burn ever brightly, and may
your Inner Writer write rightly. ~~~ Write well! 🙂 🙂 🙂

30 Replies to “In Praise of Students.TruthtellingTrilogy:Part 3. GloriaWimberley #TRUTH #PROSE #PRAISE

  1. Loving this! A great idea for a vid and perfect for Part 3 of yr truthtelling trilogy…Obvious to anyone who views this that you are a phenomenal & caring educator…whether writing-editing-youtubing-teaching–u r a Renaissance woman bigtime. And the pretty painting (luv that unique watermelon moon) is a nice touch 🙂

  2. A dynamic and classy way to conclude the trio of videos! I enjoy the way you sincerely praise your students, and then share selected praise from students. The excerpt about you giving 'uplifting praise' and helping a student 'blossom' as a writer is well-written and my favorite of the excerpts. Exuberant vid! Thoroughly enjoy your artistry, Dear <3

  3. **Thanks to Everyonewho viewed this video!!** As stated in one of my replies below: Meeting & Knowing-As-Human Beings hundreds of students over the decades, I count as a genuine blessing and one of my most cherished gifts in life 🙂 <3 🙂 <3 🙂

  4. So lovely, classy, and an appropriate resolution to the Truth-Telling Trio of videos. Onward & Upward! 🙂

  5. ****Friendly Note: I chose only to share a *handful of Awesome Excerpts of Praise from students I've taught over the decades…the vid would have been HOURS long had I included all student excerpts. ~Thx again to them for their kindness! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. hell students are lucky if a professor smiles & is nice to them LOL let alone a cheerful teacher making a vid that says a bunch of nice stuff about students. this vid kicks ass! cool. rock on!

  7. Beautiful job on this praise video! It is rare that a professor takes the time and energy to praise students. Too many professors are snobs and take themselves and everything in life too seriously. You are kind, approachable, fun, and a caring teacher. I forgot to also say dedicated. You are a dedicated teacher…and wonderful YouTuber! Your videos are always enjoyable. Happiness of smiles to you 🙂

  8. Wow, this is a treat! So full of joy and sincerity. That's what makes this video work so well. A rare event when a College Professor thanks students at all, let alone in such a public way. Just the right amount of expressiveness throughout and the right amount of student praise shared with the viewing audience. Truth still prevails. Exquisite and upbeat way to end the truth-telling trilogy 🙂

  9. Jubilation to the enth! This video praising students is wondrous and a study in sincerity. A sparkling way to bring the Truthtelling Videos to a close. First-class performance art from the heart…May that silly college EGCC kick themselves every single semester knowing that they don't have your teaching talents and you as a caring, compassionate Educator to teach their student population. Your vids served the foolish EGCC Administration of Ohio their just desserts: JUSTICE! And Truth does prevail in each vid in your Truth-telling Trilogy. Every view, every share, makes a difference. Kudos to you again for your courage and artistic vision. Both are appreciated worldwide by millions who have also endured Workplace Bullying in the Workplace.

  10. Yassssssssssss Queen! Luv what u do. The beauty of this vid has me lowkey shook. Snaps 2 U! <3 <3 <3 Beauty==In==The==Burg, Umbra

  11. hey awesome points made in the comments. this vid kicks ass cuz it does something new. give praise to students. which most teachers do not do. gracious last entry in yr truthtelling vids. rock on!!!

  12. easy on the eyes lookin' good as always! cool vid to thank students. and the students' praise of u is awesome AF too.

  13. just wow! so nice of u to praise students in a public vid. really different idea that not many ppl would put into action like u did. I like it alot. i enjoy yr poetry vids and the truth telling vids too.

  14. So fine. This tribute to students. I'm down for truth always. Like I said on other social media…POS EGCC Administration threw shade at u, but u much 2 brite…SHINE ON in success, G.! <3 <3 <3 Beauty=In=The=Burg, Umbra

  15. You gave uplifting praise to your students this is only done by an educator who cares for her students. Great ending that concludes you other two videos.

  16. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gurl, Tanika told me she saw this vid posted on Twitter. Schooling folks about the truth of climate change on social media; yasssssssssssss. Yr ideas shine on in 2019 <3 <3 Beauty=In=The=Burg, Umbra



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