I’m Reading Your Comments

Alright people,
RT Spacer with you. Today I’ll be reading some of your comments. Now first
of all if you’re new to the channel, I’m glad you’re here. Welcome! I’m not usually
doing videos like this, but I just thought I’d give a big thank you to
those who support the channel by subscribing, and also liking and
commenting. I do my best to get to every last comment, but that’s been made
tougher due to the fact that YouTube doesn’t notify me of every single one. So
I’m basically doing it the old-fashioned way now. So in today’s video, the goal is
to keep this as short as possible while getting to as many comments as possible.
So it’s time to get rolling. First video I’m choosing is, “I Make a Backrack For
the GreenLight Ram Part 1”. *Loud motorcyle* Chances are the camera is picking up on that; it’s
just a motorcycle. Let’s start here: Jasonhoytvlogs…am I saying that right? “Hey
RT Spacer you commented on one of my vids, so is it possible if I can get a
shout out please? I remember this user helped me out. A
kind of car that was passing by, right outside…it’s an 80s Toyota Celica Supra.
It’s the only one in the neighborhood, and one of the only ones I’ve seen where
I live. So, seems you’re not gonna find too many of those these days. So a big THANK
YOU to him for that. Jasonhoytvlogs, hopefully I’m saying
that right and hopefully you see this, because your channel gets a shout-out
and I’m reading your comment. Now there are a lot of channels that are just
getting started, run by people who also collect Hot
Wheels and diecast. And they also appreciate the real thing. I
appreciate pretty much any channel like that. I haven’t seen half of them. let’s
keep it going: Mr. Joey z Gaming, “Black it out plus it looks good”. He’s
talking about the rack; I did see every comment concerning that. Right now the
vote is 5 to 1 in favor of blacking out that rack. I’m really surprised
anyone said keep it silver. I thought everyone was gonna say keep it black, but
right now it stays silver until I figure out how I am going to attach that rack. I
still haven’t attached it yet but that’s coming up here real soon. Trying to read
that: trevor Barrios, chances are I said that wrong. “Hi I’m a fan”. I’m glad you’re
here man, I appreciate the support! Thanks a lot. And finally one more comment before I
move on to the next video. Lazy Hyper, “Good vids, just an idea, you
could get a lot of subs if you go and start doing RC cars and make your own
body shells and campers but this is amazing too. Keep up the great work!” As of
this video I only have like one RC car. I think I’ll get it out when I’m done here.
It hardly even…it’s such an old car, I don’t think any of you guys will
recognize it. I’m just choosing videos at random here. I’m going to “Testing a
GreenLight 1:64 Trailer on Matchbox Trucks”.
[scrolling down] Random Stuff In Oregon, “Ok I was wondering about the trailer
color, I knew that it was originally white.” That has to be about the dump
trailer. I blacked that out as most of you know. After the first video I did
talking about my first thoughts, I was already thinking, “OK how am I
gonna black this out?” So I went out and got a paint marker, and I blacked it out.
The only thing is the paint seems to be coming off rather easily so I have to go
over it once in a while. But it’s worth it because I love it in black. Okay so
the second comment: Phantom1 says, “That Freelander looks epic.” Hey that was from
21 hours ago. So I’m not too far behind am I? Yeah I agree I do like that Land
Rover Freelander. That was in a set of Land Rovers released by Matchbox. It came
from Walmart and that’s interesting because things have really been
switching to online lately as opposed to in-store, especially with Walmart. I’ll
save that for later. Alright so a third comment: Chase Kirchner, “I think the first
Chevy was the best.” I think he’s talking about that Chevy Stepside. That was also
in a set released by Matchbox; 100 Years. I don’t have the whole set, but almost
every car in it it’s cool to me though. And chances are if I see them again I’ll
probably pick them up. Right now I have the Avalanche in blue and the Chevy
Stepside in brown. OK one more comment here: James Smith says, “I’m not sure what
to be in town this morni so much love and hu so muc and the kids will…” I think
this person meant to say thank you, so you’re welcome. Now I am aware that
people are watching from just about anywhere, various countries. So you
may not be able to speak English well. I’m doing my best to go over videos and
edit the captioning in them, so that way you know exactly what I said in English.
(Makes it easier to translate) Let’s go to an older one. “I Make A Bed
For the Hot Wheels ’79 Ford F-150”. Pax Humana says, “If I may offer a bit of
advice, RT Spacer, you could have made a much better tailgate without sacrificing
a part from your other truck and I could tell you how.” I’ve read this comment;
that’s still a video on my to-make list, or should I say to-upload. I’m gonna make an
actual tailgate for a ’79 F-Series. I think I’m just gonna chop off the
tailgate that Hot Wheels put together with the camper, and paint it to match
the rest of the truck. That’s what I have in mind. I plan on showing this in a
future video, okay? So definitely stay tuned for that.
The real Wardell Stephen Curry says, “Hi there.” Hey. [laughs] 3rd comment: Cayden Simmons says,
“Where do you get the set from I’ll buy.” I’m not sure what you mean, there wasn’t
a set of anything in here. But if you’re talking about what I used to create the
bed, I didn’t use a set of anything for that. I just made that from like, scratch,
off of a piece of plastic. Zaine Mahmood, “Could I have a GTR and a
Mustang” I think I actually did quite literally reply to that in the video.
Nope, that was somebody else; says, “Mustangs are for girls.” OK, now my reply
to that comment is, well I don’t have a GTR or a Mustang up for sale, so sorry
about that. Alright, one more video. “Matchbox
Trailer on a GreenLight Truck, Exterior Mods”.
JR’s Diecast Cars says, “Your videos are some of the best.” I really appreciate
that man. Everything about making these videos is important to me, from the
segments to editing, to the content. I’ve seen a lot of comments like that; I just
want to shout out anybody who leaves that kind of support for me, because
these videos…it’s not as easy as 1-2-3 to make them. OK: ldb hair (is that it?) says, “You should put the same Real Rider wheels on the GreenLight truck.”
Yes I was considering that, but it would have been more of a hassle because those
wheels weren’t the same length. So I would have had to cut out new axles. The
wheels that are on the GreenLight now, I didn’t have to cut out anything, I was
just able to slip those in. More importantly, I liked the look of it
afterwards. Alright two more comments: “So the real truck that…” This is from
Thunder 230 miles per hour, “So the real truck that other Dodge Ram was inspired
by broke down and had to be sold by the owner, then he got a newer model to
replace it? I think I get the gist of that other video now.” Yeah that’s
basically what happened, and MAN that was too bad. Because without that truck I
don’t know if this channel would exist, plain and simple…plain and simple. I
liked it that much; I always enjoyed watching it go by and taking off. From
where I was I could hear it starting up at all. It would have been great to have
better clips of that, but…oh well. Alright one last comment, and then
that’ll be it for now. Daniel Poth says, “I think he lives in the
same city as me because I have seen that same Honda with the same trailer and the
mowers.” Oh you’re talking about that Honda Civic and that little trailer
behind it. I have never seen that combination before in my life until the
moment I was trying to get that on video. Haven’t seen it again, I’m not expecting to. What’s interesting is that guy could easily just unhook from that trailer and
go street-racing or something the next day, or joyriding. Something like that. If
you want your comment featured in a video like this, all you have to do is
comment. Whether it be here or over on my new Instagram. I really appreciate you
guys’ support, I can’t stress that enough. So that’ll do it for now. I hope you
enjoyed the video and if you have other ideas for different kinds of videos I
should do, definitely let me know and I’ll see if I can make it happen. Alright
for now it’s time for me to get rolling. RT Spacer with you,..I’m about to repeat
myself. [laughs]

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