If White People Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature

(classical music) – He looked at her longingly, as he imagined her
exotic mashed potato skin laying gently against his. – His skin glistened in the
sun like a glazed donut. The glazed part, not the donut part. – She didn’t know it yet,
but the girl of her dreams had just walked in. Her eyes were radiant, and he skin glowed with mozzarella undertones. – He traced his fingers along
her subtle cauliflower skin. – His body had to color and
shape of raw ground beef. – She was beautiful, elegant, like a tall, clear glass
filled with raw pasta. – She had brown wiry hair and skin that could only be described as the color of the inside of an apple. The mushy ones, not the cool, crisp ones. – She was transfixed by the gleam of her uncooked chicken breast skin. So raw, so lumpy. – Her beauty was indescribable, which means she’s white. – Who would play me in such
a rom-com of your life, she teasingly inquired. You’ve have such beautiful
olive skin, we crooned. So you can be a person of color, or racially ambiguous in the book, but definitely a white woman in the movie. (classical music)

100 Replies to “If White People Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature

  1. We Shouldn't Do Reverse-Racism…. But, Isn't This Just A Joke Or Real? It's Seems A Little Bit Funnied, Not Serious

  2. I always laugh at this type of stuff in books.

    Like, black/Latino/native American suffices. I don't need a whole explanation about why he's like caramel.

  3. I was comparing a bunch of people's skin to food in my book using words like "chocolate" and "caramel" because those words make us think of certain colors (totally not because I was hungry XD" I drew a blank on the Caucasian girl so I compared her skin tone to a "golden chicken nugget" XD

  4. I'm not racist but I don't get this videos message, ever read Snow White? Hey describe her skin like " ivory" so I don't get why they're complaining, they're just censory details in the books to get images of their skin color

  5. 'White people' are people of color with blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, brown hair, blonde hair, white hair, brown hair, black hair, red hair, red lips, white skin, cream skin, beige skin, tan skin, golden skin,…

  6. Never seen people be described like this is a book, I've never seen a persons skin being compared to food.

  7. Let's solve racism with more racism, because of course that makes people feel equal and brings them closer

  8. I know that buzzfeed wanna let white people to face privilege or something but not all of us are authors of filmakers

  9. TBH I’m white but I don’t understand how this offensive… authors usually want to specify if their character is white and do it in a cringy way, so this is just doing the opposite lol. It’s not racist it’s funny and you’ll see it a lot if you read often like I do

  10. In what way is it our fault you dipshits never read anything but trashy romance novels written by sheltered freaks who've never seen a Black person?

  11. I wish BuzzFeed would stop with race stuff. Unsubscribed. I mean at some point the jokes aren't jokes and become offensive. Can't wait till BuzzFeed does out. Trash.

  12. Why you so obsessed with us tho
    Sitting around thinking of videos to make about white people
    Literally the saddest thing I've ever seen

  13. Hey bitchfeed, how bout you make a new video, “if articles complained about black people like they do to white people”

  14. Does anyone remember Snow White? “Lips red as the rose, hair as black as ebony, skin white as snow.” Smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ buzzfeed, STOP!

  15. When on earth have you read a book that says, “Such a stunning man. His skin was as smooth and soothingly dark as a delicious chocolate cake.”, or something of the like. Tell me. What books are you reading where ALL OTHER RACES EXEPT WHITES, are compared to some food?

  16. Honestly buzzfeeds hopeless attempts to rid racism in pathetic and downright rude. How is being downgrading to white people magically gonna rid the world of rascist bastards ?

  17. I'm a white aussie woman and my ancestors helped to end slavery, I think people need to start using the work white american. Because I love all people of any colour, and long as I get treated right, and I will always return the favor, not to mention I have people with dark skin in my family. And I love them very dear, I think the world would be a better place without raceisim

  18. I thought race is a social construct. Seems like it is biological according to this video … So race does exist huh?

  19. I prefer women with light or "peaches and cream" completions. "People of color" just means brown, which is the color as the stuff that comes out yo ass.

  20. You could almost say that her skin was like radiant alabaster, the finest porcelain, the purest snow with hair like the sun. like the finest golden wheat and eyes of the deepest glacial blue. Maybe you guys should read a few more books.

  21. Buzzfeed, great job on keeping racism alive. This whole channel is a joke. Every other video is about race.

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