18 Replies to “Humble the Poet: “Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths For A Better Life” | Talks at Google

  1. Your story of coming to realize your essence (ethos?) as non-confirmity being illuminated by your cousin sparked memories of the name my company commanders gave me in bootcamp, "Burger Queen" (had to have things my way). Not meant as a compliment, but accurate. Only way to be.

  2. Okay google. Looking forward to the talks someday in the future about science and technology! I mean nothing bad about self development, but this is quite basic stuff.

  3. Thank you, Humble, you are awesome. You spoke what was in my liminal consciousness and just never had the grounding to see it. Can’t wait to get the book!! <3

  4. I like humble the poet but I hate some of his influences… I can't stand it when he can say something deep and profound and then go on to consider no good petty dipshits like tupac as his influences (read some of his blog entries)… That really makes me question his depth and sincerity….

    And on a less serious note…. Even I'm thinking of giving up science and tech these days and converting myself into a word smith guru with simple life advice for the masses… Esp affiliated with hip hop in some form… Maybe I'll throw in some Punjabi here and there to spice things up…. Not only will my fame and money grow exponentially without actually creating or contributing to anything concrete or real but maybe then I can get on google talks as well… And convince some gullible techies to admit that my word play is the best thing since sliced bread… Mmmmmm…. Let me think about it…. Mmmmmm ….. No thanks! :p

  5. Intelligence comes when one discovers the golden rules that govern everything known and unknown. Wisdom comes when one realizes they are what keeps reality turning and SHOULD NOT be played with. They can not be improved or made quicker or faster or better!! Those rules are a perfectly tuned set of ideas and understandings. The second part of wisdom comes when one realizes these laws can be changed and chooses to leave them in place just for their beauty and harmony and one would be kicking ones own BUTT if one did change 1 tiny microcosm. :O)

  6. id have listened to this but the beard put him in the "everybody wants to be somebody" book on my desk. sry, blame the millennials.

  7. Don't get it twisted; sikhs conquered… northern India. They're the group that, if they didn't set up the caste… well, they sit at the top, just under Brahmas… and secretly eat beef… while commanding the darker races to not. Their brahmans clashed with The Savior, when he visited, and called them out on their bullshit, and ultimately drove him north… back to Kashmir.

  8. @29:00 WAIT… did that bitch just talk shit at Shakespeare?!? Ok, go rap in Hindi from now on, fuckwit.

  9. @45:00 Would love to leave that fucking hypocrite in capetown overnight, and see if he's still a fan… after his stupid ass is reincarnated, back to a roach. What a fuckin' god-damned fool, pretending he understand any thing at all. Ghandi used to live in South Africa too; see what he had to say about the likes of mandela. The locals AINT fans of injuns. Back to kanadian kindergarten, kid. Yeah, the sikhs were an arian tribe… they really don't want you to know.

  10. Just looking through all of these talks and then I found this! Humble is so just humble!!! It’s fantastic

  11. Humble, you are so right about "being yourself", I've learned that I must know myself first. Thank you for your wisdom.

  12. Jay-Z is significantly more talented than Shakespeare? Really dude? Just what we need, hipster Deepak Chopra.

  13. I'm glad he felt the need to specify just who was the creative genius who came up with that shirt. AND he named himself "Humble"… How can anyone like that guy?

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