HPSC0105 – Sociology of Science and Technology

Hey, I’m Erman Sozudogru,
and I’m going to talk to you about Sociology of Science and Technology, HPSC0105. The course examines the complex relationship between science and society, and we’re going to look at the social processes in the production of
scientific knowledge and scientific practices. In this module we’re going to cover the canonical sociology of science literature, so we’re going to look at
topics such as the strong program, followed by Actor/Network theory and
laboratory studies. We’re going to look at ethnographic studies, we’re going to
look at boundary work. So this course is designed to introduce students to the
core readings in sociology of science. This is a second year module so our
aim is to understand the topics in sociology of Science and Technology. This course has two pieces of assessment.
One is an academic essay – it’s a 2500 word essay where
students get pick a question or develop their own questions and write an
academic essay on it. The second piece of assessment is an exam – it’s a three hour
exam in the third term. There are no prerequisites for this module. This
module is designed for students who want to advance their knowledge on sociology
of science and technology. It’s theoretical, but we also spend a lot of
time talking about historical and contemporary case studies from science.

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