How Writers Write Poetry 2015 Course Teaser

For me, poems usually begin with a rhythm, with some kind of a musical cadence. It may have an image behind it, it may have a little train of words, but there seems to me to
always be a musical component, and once I hear that music, then I have a
sense that I’m probably going to be writing a poem. I find that I’m looking for violence in the poems that I, that I read. The poems that really
stand out to me, that I will always remember are the ones that treat me a little bit cruelly, the ones that hurt a little bit. Um, hurt so good, really. I’m going to ask questions about cultural
identity um, and how, you know, you feel that you
express your cultural identity through your work. And I think the thing about a question like that is: it implies that there is a universal identity that exists in poetry or in literature, and a universal tradition to write out of or point of view to write out of. Um, and that you’re apart from that. Find some pleasure. Keep writing.

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