How to Write & Publish a Non Fiction Book : Writing the Proposal for a Non-Fiction Book

I’m Bobbi Linkemer on behalf of,
and I’d like to invite you to visit my website at There’s lot
of questions to ask, and that’s what the planning stage is for. This is the part of
the process where you write the proposal, which is a living, growing dynamic document
that keeps getting bigger; keeps answering your questions. In the proposal, you ask…Let’s
assume you’re going to send this proposal to a publisher. They are going to want to
know what the book is about and why you’re writing it, how this book differs from others
already on the market. This is an important question: why is this the right time and the
right book for that time? What’s going on in the world? We’re having a lot of news
about immigration in this country, and a book about the immigrant experience is pretty timely.
If you wrote a proposal, you would set it in the backdrop of the big picture. What is
the greatest benefit that your book is going to deliver? I don’t know what the story
is, but many people who came from Europe and now they’re coming from Asia and Spanish
speaking countries, they’re making it here. They worked hard and they bought into the
American dream, and this is still a really good place to be when you compare it to other
places. So the immigrant story is terrific in terms of being inspirational. Who’s your
audience? Why are you uniquely qualified to writ this book? What is there about your experience
or your knowledge or your education or your background that you can explain to agent or
a publisher why you are the natural author of this book? Those are all the kinds of questions
that you have to answer in a proposal, and then you put it together in a certain way.
Assuming you’re going to a conventional publisher, you put it together in a certain
way so that there is a form. You start with a short concept statement. This is the length
of the concept statement. What this book is about is described in 2 paragraphs. If an
agent or an editor picks that up, reads those 2 paragraphs and thinks we can’t sale this,
there’s no market, this is irrelevant, we did just did a book on this; they close it
and put it in a return envelope, if you sent one, and they send if back to you. So how
you put your proposal together is important.

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  1. I bet you will. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing nonstop, all day every day. I have a problem with that because I get distracted.

  2. You are old enough to try. Read something about C. F. Gauss, he's most known for what he'd already accomplished by the age of 10.

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