[How to Write Flash Fiction] Slush Pile Don’ts – Short Isn’t Simple

today I’m gonna be talking about the
most common things authors don’t want to do and in particular confusing short
with simple hi I’m Anna Yeatts from flash fiction online and today slush pile
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don’t assume that just because flash fiction is short that is simple to write
have you ever seen the blog post or videos about top 10 ways to make money
from home fast and easy I’m gonna guess that you have and on those lists you’re
probably gonna find write and sell short stories it seems like an easy way to
dash off a quick little story or an anecdote about something that happened
to you it’ll take maybe 30-45 minutes you’ll put it into a Word document and
send it off to what are the markets on the list and then you can make anywhere
from 30 dollars up to maybe even 500 dollars seems like a good deal right you
should be rolling in the money anytime now
chicken soup from the soul will come knocking on your door any minute I get
questions all the time from new writers about how soon they can expect their
great new paycheck unfortunately that bullet point on those lists is probably
compiled from somewhere on Google that doesn’t involve short story writers let
me fill you in on a little insider tip from the industry professional short
story writers meaning those that are actually selling their stories to
professional markets meaning the ones that pay they spend quite a bit of time
writing their stories it could take anywhere from 3 4 5 10 15 20 drafts
depending on your process before you feel like your story is ready to go out
for professional submission that’s a lot of time that’s definitely a lot longer
than the 30 or 45 minutes it takes to jot off a quick little cutesy story
about your kids playing in the backyard or something funny you saw one day at
the grocery store it’s not a simple process let me put it this way
flash fiction has a thousand words to do the same thing that a novel does in
60,000 to a hundred thousand words you have to cover character plot setting
tone atmosphere dialogue characterization character arc conflict
struggle subplot subtext you see where I’m going with this and all of that has
to happen in a thousand words or less that’s really hard to do or I should say
that’s really challenging to do well now I’m not saying all this to discourage
you from submitting but I’m asking you to thoughtfully go over your submissions
one more time before you click that send button looks at your draft one more time
make sure you follow the guideline look for spelling errors proofread it see if
there’s anything you can do to make your plot more clear to make your character
arcs stronger now don’t overwrite don’t do that either okay see this really
isn’t a simple process it’s quite complicated but see if that is the best
story you can write before you send it off you might need another draft you
might need five more drafts but writing is hard work if you’re only writing
because you think it’s a quick and easy way to make money from home then you’re
in the wrong business because there is nothing quick or easy
or really making a lot of money about writing short fiction but if you love it
then you will take your time and you will work hard on your craft and you’ll
write another draft if thousands of story demands but don’t expect to get
rich selling short fiction okay I’m not just
saying it can’t be done but if you do it let me know how you did it leave a
comment down below and let me know how many drafts it takes for you to finish
your stories can you usually finish a story in two three four drafts are you
more of like the baker’s dozen type does it take you twelve thirteen fourteen
drafts thanks for making it to the end stay
next time from our slush pile of do’s don’ts and the dreaded slush pile horrors and if
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4 Replies to “[How to Write Flash Fiction] Slush Pile Don’ts – Short Isn’t Simple

  1. Typically, I edit a story dozens of times, send it out for a critique, and edit it some more. I try to keep going over a story until there are no more changes to make. I will let you know when that happens. 🙂

  2. Many drafts, edits, wife proof reads, etc…
    I'm in a dry spell right now but I'm pretty prolific most of the time. It's hard but fun. I hope I never stop.

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