How to Write an Argumentative Essay by Shmoop

Argument Essay, a la Shmoop. Is Bieber’s hair more awesome than Cousin It’s? Should weekends be extended to four days
instead of the measly two we currently have? Are dogs better than cats? No matter how you answered any of these questions, you’re already in the thick of an argument. And hopefully you didn’t tick off
any cats in the process. They are unforgiving creatures. In writing, arguing has nothing to do with
the decibel level of your voice… An argument essay persuades your
readers to make a change. This change could be a mental change
—a different way of thinking— or an actual change in a policy or practice. It’s wide open. Here’s a classic example: “I’m sixteen years old and I just
got my driver’s license. Therefore, I’m clearly more than capable
of driving your new Porsche Turbo.” Try saying that to one of your parents and he
or she will probably say, “Yeah…right.” But give them evidence and support your claim. Show them how you can drive in reverse
in a straight line for one hundred feet… and parallel park a Hummer into a
parking spot meant for motorcycles… and you just might succeed in changing their mind. So when you’re presenting an argument your reader must see things from your point of view you can’t let them brush it off because
they don’t agree with you right off the bat. It’s on you to persuade them by
providing support for your arguments and effectively shooting down any
potential counter argument All through it keep your tone civil and polite… or your reader will toss aside your paper. So how is this puppy organized? You’ve got your intro, a thesis
that states your overall opinion, the body of the essay will have your supporting points, and finally your conclusion in which
you wrap things up neatly. If that seems like a bit much don’t panic. Shmoop’s writing guide has help
and more info on these terms. The argument essay is the most important kind of academic paper because most essays have an element of argumentation,
even if it isn’t immediately obvious. After all, why are you writing anything at
all if it isn’t to convince someone of something? The personal statement that you will be writing
to get into college? It’s an argument that …you’re awesome. That long Facebook status you just posted
about how Taken 2 is the best movie of all time? That’s right. You’re trying to persuade your reader that
the oft-derided film is, in fact, misunderstood. If you’re going to turn anyone to
your side in this instance, though… … let’s hope you have…
a very particular set of skills. See what we mean? Now, go on—argue. We can see you’re chomping at the bit.

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