How to Write an Abstract: Intro: What is an Abstract

Clancy: Hi! I’m Clancy Clawson with the University of Maryland, Baltimore Writing Center, and in this workshop, we’re going to talk about how to write an abstract. Throughout the workshop, we’ll use our abstract handout, so if you haven’t already done so, please download it by clicking here. Abstracts are miniature versions of your
paper. They are concise summaries that help potential readers decide if they want to
read your work. Abstracts are used in a variety of
circumstances. They’re used when submitting for a conference, when submitting for publication, or sometimes
when applying for a grant. Since an abstract will likely be a reader’s first
interaction with your work, you’ll need to make a strong first impression. If
your abstract makes your work seem boring or irrelevant, people aren’t gonna
want to read it. But don’t worry. In this workshop, we’ll teach you the style and
the content that you’ll need to write a successful abstract. I’m Clancy Clawson.
Let’s get to writing.

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