How to Write a Novel – Writing the Draft | UBCx on edX | Course About Video

NANCY LEE: This course
is perfect for anyone who’s completed our
novel outlining course, is already midway through a novel, or
has a novel project that’s been lying dormant that they’d like to revive. SPEAKER 1: I really got
started at about page 60. I kept polishing and revising and
rewriting and perfecting those first 60 pages, but I could never get past it. SPEAKER 2: One thing that
was really helpful for me was that, rather than trying to look
like a big picture novel structure, is looking at it as a series
of interlinked short stories that all worked together
to tell one big story. ANNABEL LYON: We’ll be
covering topics like creating multi-dimensional characters,
managing conflict in your plot, writing great dialogue,
and offer strategies for completing your draft
when the going gets tough. Each week, we’ll be speaking
to acclaimed authors and find out how they tackled the
challenges of writing a first draft. This course offers assignments,
exercises, and, most importantly, a community of writers to
share your experiences, provide support, and cheer you
on through the writing process. We don’t expect you to finish a draft
in the six weeks of this course. Our goal is to provide you
with tools and inspiration that you can carry forward
to successfully complete your draft in a reasonable time frame. NANCY LEE: Writing a novel
is a journey and we’re here to take that journey with you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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